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  1. SamanthaRabbit
    Eight die as drug driver hits cycling club convoy in Italy

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    Wreck: The crashed Mercedes sits at the roadside near sheets covering the bodies of cyclists after the horrific crash

    Eight cyclists were killed after a car ploughed into them at high speed after losing control on an Italian road on Sunday.

    A Mercedes driver lost control of his vehicle as he attempted to overtake a cycling club convoy.

    Seven cyclists, all men, died at the scene and another man died in hospital while four remain critically injured.

    The Moroccan driver, who tested positive for cannabis, had to be cut from the wreckage of his car and his ten-year-old son who was in the back seat was also injured.

    Police said the driver had been stripped of his licence earlier this year for dangerous driving and now faces multiple charges of culpable homicide.

    They confirmed that he had been breaking the speed limit.
    Three cyclists were airlifted from the scene in a critical condition and graphic TV pictures showed the scene of carnage as bodies lay covered with white sheets amid the twisted frames of racing bikes.

    Paramedic Silvio Rocca described the scene of the accident in Marinella Sant’Eufemia near Lamezia Terme in the south of Italy, where the cycling club was well known.

    He said: ‘What we found when we got there was unbelievable – not even a bomb could have caused the devastation we saw.

    ‘The first report we had was of one cyclist involved in a road accident but when we got to the scene there were bodies everywhere.

    'It was a massacre and it was made worse because we knew many of those involved.’

    December 6th, 2010


  1. Perfectly Insane
    Re: Eight die as drug driver hits cycling club convoy in Italy Read more: http://www

    Wow, this is a heavy article. Eight people lost their lives because of one drivers idiotic decision. They need to start doing IQ tests for drivers licenses. And he had his 10 year old son with him? Thats F#cked up.
  2. Alfa
    Its written by the daily mail (UK) and concerns an accident in Italy, so I wouldnt take the article too literal. The Daily Mail usually excels at writing bullshit. They do this to get exactly the reaction that you have just given.
  3. C.D.rose
    Well, the German Spiegel reports the same incident. Driving under the influence of any substance, regardless of whether it's alcohol or cannabis, is a bad thing. Some substances are worse than others in that respect, but that driver was certainly highly reckless and irresponsible.
  4. Steelshot
    That's really sad. I've been to Italy and I'm not surprised this happened, they drive way too aggressively there. I'm not really sure what to think because it's just one incident, but maybe cannabis impairs driving more then we though?
  5. Mercc96
    Just because Cannabis was in their blood does not mean it was directly linked to the death, cannabis shows up in tests days after use. Either way the guys an idiot
  6. Killa Weigha
    Cannabis causes most to drive slower and less erratic. He could have smoked cannibis any time in the last month. It proves nothing that he tested positive for cannabis and people here should know better. He belongs behind bars for life but not because he smoked cannabis sometime in the past +/-28 days. There's no rehabilitation from stupidity.
  7. TheUnicorn
    This is incredibly sad news. Just goes to show no one should drive whilst under the influence of anything. :(
  8. C.D.rose
    Oh come on people, you must be kidding me. First of all, there is a difference between whether he had metabolites in his blood, or whether there was active THC found. If we don't suspect the news media - including the Italian Corriere della Sera, a quality paper - to be actually lying, then it can well be assumed that he had actually smoked in the 6-8 hours prior to the accident.

    Secondly, driving under the influence is driving under the influence. A friend of mine assures me that back in the days when he used to drive minor distances by car even if he had smoked at some point during the day, he definitely was a worse driver. He regularly stalled the engine, which he never did otherwise, he was less able to focus, etc. etc. That's not representative of course, but neither is the statement that cannabis makes you ride more safely.

    It's true that sensationalist media documentation of accidents like these has political aims behind it (to be honest though, had a drunk driver killed seven or eight people, public outcry would be considerable as well). Still, we won't further the cause of achieving sane drug policies by jumping to defend a 21-year old who is high and speeding, with his son in the back seat, and then kills half a dozen people. I mean come on, seriously...
  9. kailey_elise
    Oh, DailyMail, how do I love thee! :rolleyes:

    I'm certain "a bomb could have caused the devastation [noparse][they][/noparse] saw" - and even more than what they saw, to be honest!

    I love it, "the scene of carnage" etc. Always trying to pull at them thar heartstrings, huh, DM? ;)

    I do hope they throw the book at this moron - not for having cannabis in his system, but for driving like a fucking idiot while having a suspended license. Seriously, not just hitting one cyclist, but managing to hit/injure TWELVE OF THEM??!!! (8 dead, 4 more critically injured)

  10. zerozerohero
    It's terrible, no question, BUT: As a "sort of defence" for the driver (although, yes, we agree, driving under any kind of mind-altering substance is just plain dumb), having been in Italy and France a gazillion times, driving on small roads through the countryside, there's nothing worse than these cyclist packs that pop-up out of nowhere, scattered over the whole width of the road in a curve without any visibility, especially on sundays - i've litterally been close to killing a bunch of them myself a lot of times, and i've even driven my car twice into the ditch because of these guys in the south of France. At that point i have to state that i'm a very cautious driver who does not like to drive fast and who has no "dick-size<->car-size" issue.
    Anyway, the fact is that even when you're driving below the speed limit, these groups are hard to avoid because they have that nasty habit to cycle AND talk, and therefore form a huge blob in the middle of the small turny roads they like to drive on.
    To finish up, i must state that one of the two times drove the car into the ditch because of cycling clubs, the guys on the bicycles actually got positive alcotests from the french Gendarmerie...
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