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Eighteen died of designer drugs in Poland?

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    As many as 18 people have died and 304 poisoned after taking designer, or smart drugs in Poland, claims a report by the Health Ministry.

    In 2010, 304 people were hospitalized after taking the drugs which have prompted the government to crack down on shops selling previously “legal highs”.

    According to Deputy Health Minister Adam Fronczak, the number of designer drug victims has fallen dramatically after the government launched its campaign at the beginning of October, however.

    “Most cases were reported in the two first weeks of October,” said Fronczak, after blanket coverage of the issue in Polish media.

    The Deputy Minister also revealed that as many as 18 people may have died of following taking the over-the-counter drugs but toxicological tests are being carried out to confirm the number of casualties.

    The report by Health Ministry was presented in the Senate Wednesday during a debate on the amendment to a bill on the prevention of drug addiction, which is to prohibit the sale of designer drugs.




  1. Alfa
    If there is any truth to this report claiming hundreds hospitalized and many dead this month, then we need to know what this is about.
  2. Spucky
    AW: Re: Eighteen died of designer drugs in Poland?

    That is right and until they get the knowledge the People should avoid the unknown "legal Highs"

    There is something, imo., very risky going on :)
  3. Phenoxide
    Seems a bit odd. The article claims the government campaign started in October has been a success in reducing the number of casualties but goes on to say that most of the hospitalizations this year happened in the first two weeks of this month? So does that mean the 'success' is one week with fewer reported cases than the unprecedently high two weeks preceding it?

    Over 300 hospitalizations and 18 suspected but unconfirmed deaths, most of which allegedly occurred in a two week period, but they haven't traced and named the source of the problem to prevent further injury loss of life. Should be easy enough to do with so many cases yet they do not even name the substance responsible. They leave potential consumers with the rather trite and unhelpful message "avoid legal highs". That's like telling people to "avoid food" because a batch of tainted milk goes on sale. I'd assume that the cases involved beta-ketones seeing as they seem to have been heavily marketed in Poland.

    All just seems a bit like dubious to me, especially with the Health Minister claiming success in the crackdown and going on to seek a more thorough legislation. The whole thing just reeks of political spin to me. Of course consumers of such drugs in Poland and everywhere (if there is something tainted it may well have been distributed elsewhere too) should be vigilant for adverse reactions.
  4. Mayday
    In Poland the government launched a mass attack on all smartshops, and closed most of them. They justifed it, with what the Health Ministry claimed happened, that 18 deaths have no toxygolicy data, so how do they know for sure what the cause of death was?

    Swim has heard only about some stupid people(sorry for language but how to call som1 who eats a handful off pills without knowing the substance) ate a lot off pills called GumiJagoda and that some died of it, an ingredient in these might be mdpv but, not really sure, never ate them.

    Also most hospitalizations happened after the smoking blend: Tajfun , it hits strong kinda like old smoke. Unexperienced teens who smoked it were geting panic attacks and passing out, so they were calling ambulances because they were thinking they would die. Of course the effects wore off after an hour or 2.

    Swim thinks the main reason of this happening is that most people who use smarts dont know anything about drugs at all, even if they do because they had to do with illegals, they think smarts are weaker and take to much. So their behavior with handling it is very dangerous and often they underestimate the drugs.
    The blame is also on the smartshops side, some sold to under aged, and because more and more shops grew out they were speeding for stronger products which for the inexperienced can have sad or fatal consequences.
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