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Elderly couple accidentally sent $10,000 of high-grade marijuana

  1. Erumelithil

    POLICE IN PENNSYLVANIA say an elderly couple was the unintended recipient of a very seedy delivery last week: a five-pound brick of marijuana worth thousands of dollars.

    Police in Upper Darby, just outside Philadelphia, say the couple paid little attention to the package when it was delivered last week.

    Not recognising the name that the package was addressed to, the couple simply left it on their porch, expecting it to be picked up by the correct addressee.

    When nobody had claimed the package, the couple opened it to find what police say was $10,000 in high-grade marijuana.

    Police superintendent Michael Chitwood told the Delaware County Daily Times that the couple gave the package to police, who determined the return address in Tollison, Arizona did not actually exist.

    Chitwood says the department sees about a half-dozen similar deliveries a year and can sometimes track down the sender.

    The Journal


  1. TooFastTim
    Oh to only be so lucky Pretty big screw up on the senders end and the fact that this seems to happen with some frequency is well funny! Just my opinion
  2. dabullsef
    This has been happening a lot, why can't it happen to my cat?! He's from PA!
  3. Terrapinzflyer
    So- five pounds of mexi brick weed = high grade marijuana?? :confused: :mad: And again- dollar values being retail value of short bags- wholesale a fraction of claimed value. :thumbsdown:

    Pretty common to send to another address these days- the value of a package of brick weed is a write off if lost
  4. VirtuallyEmotionless
    I'm curious as to whether the elderly couple in question are going to be charged with a federal offense for opening someone else's mail.

    I'm certainly not saying that I feel they should be charged, but to punish someone over a law, while disregarding another law, just isn't right. I'm aware that these are 2 totally different crimes, but where do they draw the line?
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