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  1. chillinwill
    From: http://news.smh.com.au/national/eleven-to-face-124-charges-over-drugs-20080709-3c74.html

    Eleven people will face 124 charges over a multi-million dollar drug distribution ring north of Sydney, police say.
    Police from Strike Force Nellinda raided seven premises in the Cessnock area and one in the Lake Macquarie area at 7am (AEST) today over the drugs racket, police said.
    A small amount of drugs was seized and police arrested six men and five women aged between 20 and 62, who are all currently assisting police with inquiries.
    They are expected to face multiple charges, including supplying a prohibited drug, ongoing supply of a prohibited drug, possessing a prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.
    They were expected to face Cessnock and Belmont Local Courts later today, a police statement said.
    In May, police said, Strike Force Nellinda smashed a drug syndicate operating in Sydney and Lake Macquarie, seizing a $2 million haul of ecstasy, ice, cocaine, heroin and cannabis.
    Six people were charged over the raids which also uncovered explosives, jewellery and precious stones worth many thousands of US dollars, plus almost $50,000 in cash.


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