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Emotion overwhelmed me today (not sure if it's OK to Chuck this in here)

  1. Char2009
    Emotion overwhelmed me today... As it spilled from my eyes and rolled down my face
    I wanna run away.... Don't want to be in this place....today.
    Run from the madness that is inside my mind. If only there was a way.
    But there's no way to escape ... No way to find....solace...
    Lying here curled tightly into myself, I cursed the day that shone too bright ... And I Curse the silence of tonight.
    Sleep escapes me ... My heads not clear
    It's noisy and frightening being alone in here.
    I wanna run away.. Don't want this headspace today... Run from the madness inside my mind.
    Emotion overwhelmed me today... As it spilled from my eyes and ran down my face



  1. j8Jr
    It's OK to Chuck that in there.

    Keep writing, for whatever reasons. If it's something you think is worth sharing, find a way to share it. I've got pages upon pages of shitty poetry.

    I've shared online before. Don't be worried if you don't get the response (if any) that you hope for. Just remember that once it's out there, it's out there, and you didn't charge money for any of it. ;)
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