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Employee inspires boss to donate heroin overdose medication to police.

  1. detoxin momma

    WATERLOO, IL (KTVI) - The owner of Momma's on Main says one her own workers inspired her to make a special donation to the Monroe County Sheriff's Department. Owner Dawn Ritzel says Madelyn McGinnis, 19, is now a recovering heroin addict.

    "I had a friend overdose. You can see the life draining out of them second, by second." said Madelyn McGinnis. "There were two different times when I overdosed and needed Narcan."

    Narcan is the drug that law enforcement officers say brings heroin overdose victims back to life. Dawn Ritzel donated $ worth of Narcan doses to supply a grateful Monroe County Sheriff and his deputies.

    "It's great, I mean, it's absolutely fantastic," said Sheriff Neal Rohlfing. "There is definitely a need, especially for deputies out in rural areas. If something were to happen, we get there sometimes before first responders."

    "This is going to save countless lives and give so many people second chances at life like me," said Madelyn McGinnis.

    "If it can save one person, and they become half of what Maddie's become, it's well worth it. I'd spent a lot more if I could." said Dawn Ritzel.

    The Sheriff says the V.F.W. also donated Narcan to the waterloo police department.

    photo: unknown

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    Written by: Roche Madden, Mar 23, 2017, fox news


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