End of Day 2

By sassyspy · Nov 16, 2011 · ·
  1. sassyspy
    One week ago today I smoked methamphetamine for the last time.
    Today, I have come to nearly the end of Day 2 on my new prescribed medication for ADHD, methylin.
    So, how am I?
    So far, really damned good. I am not fiending for meth, and this medication is helping.
    I will be honest, I do miss the smoking of the pipe. I don't miss all the "intensity" that was with me nearly all the time when using meth.

    Now, this medication. I am actually surprised, I was not really sure it would work. So far, I have not even one complaint, but its early days.
    I am functioning exactly where I had hoped I would; completing tasks without losing track of any of them, am not talking all the time nor fidgeting constantly, am not completing other people's sentences or interrupting others conversations.

    I had all of the problems listed above during this past week, and some of them were also present (only in greater intensity), when I was using methamphetamine. Yesterday was the first time I have felt free of every single symptom.

    I was WRONG to think the meth was doing the work this scripted med seems to be doing.
    I feel calmer without even trying, I don't feel this intense need to be doing something every single second, I am not nearly as anxious inside, its hard to explain.

    So far, (unfortunately!) my appetite has not decreased at all. I have heard so many stories about people who lose so much weight on meth, as well as on ADHD meds, I sure don't know why that has never happened to me!
    I am at a healthy weight that stays pretty constant, I wear the same size clothes I have been wearing for many years.

    I don't know if I will develop a tolerance, taking my meds as prescribed. I hope not. I wouldn't want to increase my dosage, considering how I feel now, anyway.

    And lastly, I really hope this lack of desire for methamphetamine stays with me.

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  1. frog
    This is great news! Did your psychiatrist know about your meth use?
  2. bananaskin
    I understand the intensity that you miss sass, even though I've never used meth, i used speed daily for years and that certain raw feeling can certainly have a pull. Also the ritual, alhough I never used a pipe, of preparation of drug, of neccesaries in caseof emergency (caffeine, aspirin, chewing gum, cigarettes etc, for did I smoke and chew?!?!)
    I would give it a good couple of weeks though before you give it a thumbs up or down, while enjoying how you feel right now.
    Possibly, the very action of diagnosing you has taken a massive weight off your shoulders in itself, and this has happened quickly, hasn't it?

    Yes the pure pharm will feel just that (I have some experience with pharm amphetamines and similar) as it contains no gung (junk).

    It's sounding good, darling.

    Much love, yes it is short but it is heartfelt, it is good!
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