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  1. highganja99
    Basically I've stopped going to NA as I picked up smoking again, these people chain smoke then revel in their supposed recovery from addiction. I was told to be on a subutex programming, which was going to be begun, that I would have to get each dose daily from a pharmacist for three months at least before being allowed take home doses. I gained a real aversion to poppy tea in the process of all this, basically vomiting every time it was dosed. Some of the processes involved with drug services were presumptive that the patient is unable to have a stable form of use of a substance and instead had a wild addiction and knew little of the difference between actual withdrawal and cravings. I find the idea of having to publicly display use of a maintenance drug is a big drawback to treatment, there are reasons for that rationale but if you have maintained a quiet addiction then this is going to come over as a social punishment for use in my opinion. I'm a bit annoyed that NA had not been more useful but anything that encourages me to take up smoking has to be avoided. With NA it was not the people or program that were the intrinsic problem, the sessions were useful but the chain smoking really got to me. Overall the experience shows to me a real disadvantage for those with a real will to quit within a limited time period, it favours continued use from my perspective, the time frames for admission to therapy and the restrictions on the medication are very limiting.


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