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"Enter The Void" a masterpiece

  1. Dr. Satan

    The title can seem strange or not, "Enter The Void" is an absolutely remarkable movie, from Gaspard Noé, for those who have already seen his previous two movies: Seul Contre Tous and Irreversible, this last one offers a new perspective in the art-house cinema.
    To make it short, this made movie makes "Requiem for a Dream" for a Britney Spears video. The visual effects are simply hallucinating, the universe of the drug is painted with strength without preceding, offering an almost dreamlike and sensory show during 2:43hrs.
    We remain scotch-taped in front of trips, extremely visual, the film-maker exploits scenes with a taste of lived. A slap of beauty, morbidity and love in a permanent visual noise. The movie approaches in particular the relation between the drug and the death as the last trip, the reincarnation and the concept of the " book of the deaths ".

    In front of this pictorial and sound full-length film, where the movements of camera and the vibrating colors remind the visions under LSD, we are captivated and inhaled as in post-mortal tunnel.

    Enter The Void is a masterpiece and I weigh my words, never the cinema was also worn far, in the provocation, in the creativity and in the break. Gaspard Noé writes again the cinema with his vision of the world by restoring its letters of nobility.

    If this movie passes in the cinemas go to see it because it will really change your perception.




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