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  1. beena
    Last night SWIM embarked on a mystical journey aided by some chemical friends she had been introduced to earlier that day including 300mg of morphine, 200mg of tramadol, 30mg of chlordiazepoxide and 2.5litres of cider (Strongbow, of course). It was a reckless, wildly dangerous yet somehow blissful experience.
    SWIM felt electric but languid, poetic but silent, delirious yet sharp, alive but motionless, awake in a dream........The night went past in a nebula of contradictions.........
    When day broke SWIM felt like the universe’s innermost secrets had been revealed to her, she became a teleological being, her purpose and fate calmly laid out before her....

    'I am alive, there is a reason for me being alive, I have a purpose, that purpose has been decided for me. My future is assured and I finally know where I am going'.

    Twenty-eight years of ignorance transformed in an instance to calm self-possession.
    Equilibrium restored.


  1. Fight Club
    This happened to NIK nearly 30 years ago when he "smoked himself straight". Everything was clear. Stopped using for the next 22 years; then his ego wrestled hold of his consiousness again and the spiral began . . .

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