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Eric Roberts Tweets About His Addiction To Pot

By Wanderer · Jul 29, 2010 · ·
  1. Wanderer
    Eric Roberts checked into 'Celebrity Rehab' last week. His wife, Eliza, told E! that he would be treated for his addiction to medical marijuana.

    "Eric quit drugs and alcohol in 1995," Eliza said. "He has no interest in anything, other than marijuana."

    Eric, who is Julia Roberts' brother and Emma's dad, reportedly has a prescription for marijuana to treat his anxiety but wants to kick his dependency on it.

    "Tweating By Remote to answer y I'm doing CELEBRITY REHAB . It's not 2 get people 2 stop asking y I'm doing Y&R as some have proposed. LOL," he tweeted Tuesday.

    Eric made his debut on 'The Young and the Restless' a couple of weeks ago. His next project: moving out of the weed garden and in with troubled roommate Jeremy London.

    "I'd like to move out of the weed garden & into a place where things can blossom & grow. The people @ #CelebRehab have been fantastic 1 & all," he tweeted.

    Staff Reporter
    First Posted: 07-28-10 09:28 AM
    Updated: 07-28-10 11:38 AM



  1. Synchronium
    There are several ways people will interpret this:

    1. Cannabis is addictive enough to warrant a fuss being made about it
    2. Medical marijuana is dangerous so shouldn't be a medicine
    3. He's addicted to the anxiolytic property and feels he'd be too anxious without

    This suggests #3:

    But everyone else will jump to #1 & #2.
  2. Wanderer

    #4 He likes to tweet about it in order to take attention away from his sister - Julia.
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