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  1. Metomni
    I'm an artist at heart, but have only really been given the talent of words. And even there it's questionable. Here's the first poem I want to put here, I plan on posting a few more - hope it's not too boring!

    This mirrored existence,
    of strife and love;
    is but a consequence,
    of all we pursue and desire;

    That which we truly seek,
    is hidden only so deep;
    but we refuse to open our eyes,
    for the fact that our desires are bleak;

    That transparent figure so labeled "karma",
    comes unabashed to our face;
    he gives us the woes and the wins,
    and we present to him - continued failure;

    For if karma is to teach us naught,
    and the choice of importance is to be forgotten;
    then what have we to boast of in our ignorance,
    but broken innards and burned countryside;

    You sit and wonder,
    certain things you wish left unspoken;
    but why continue that failure,
    of pretending to be in solitude;

    We all have our cycle,
    that goes round and round;
    yet all we feel is contempt,
    when the cycle's moon is waning;

    We learn to embrace,
    to fully embrace;
    but our fears hold us back,
    from perfection;

    From wholeness,
    and from happiness,
    and from honesty;

    Oh, but those fears,
    we would rather not face them;
    and continue our descent,
    into the underbelly of essence.


  1. savingJenniB
    Nice poem Metomni.

    The underbelly of essense ~
    believe I've eaten that before . . .
    sushi style ~ delicious!
  2. Metomni
    Yeah, especially when it's combined with octupus. MMMM
  3. sylenth
    very nice & so true. great poem.
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