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By Humanity · Apr 5, 2007 · ·
  1. Humanity
    I thought I'd inform you all on the drug-situation is in Estonia. The site that is often advertised on bilboards and TV (hence the one where people in Estonia will turn to for information) is
    This place is disgusting... already looking at the opening picture is like "omg, this is what drugs will do to me... I better keep clear".
    If you press "-> Eesti keeles" then I'll offer some fragments of translation.

    The upper case text at the top:
    <<The aim of this site is to give honest and objective information on drugs and the consequences of using them. The whole site is based on facts. is against drug-use.>>

    <<And then if you scroll down the white-bold headlines read as follows:
    What is addiction?
    What is an overdose?
    What other bad things will drugs cause?
    Do people sell impure drugs? (found this one particularly funny)
    What are the legal implcications of selling and using drugs?>>

    What about "What kind of ecstasy and unity with the world can drugs offer?"
    Or something on the lines of that...
    I mean, this is just an ugly piece of propaganda and I feel ashamed of it. And it doesn't have that objective feel to it, you'd expect an objective site to have ._.

    How're things in your countries concerning sites like these? If there are any?
    And please tell me you agree that this is repulsive :(

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  1. Micklemouse
    Do Estonians really snort maggots? This makes Frank look positively enlightened!
  2. snapper
    Wow! Psychoactive Estonian maggots !
    SWIM wonders how much the efficiency of the active principle would increase if those maggots were chopped up with a razor first. Or perhaps vaporized ?
    Seriously, the world's ethnobotanical traditions hold many secrets for us yet ...
  3. Abrad
    Must be what happened to this guy...

  4. Alfa
    Once we have enough articles on all the important topics, we can think of translations. If we have Estonian translations of articles on drugs-forum, it would be easy to get them higher in search engines on the keywords that is using.
  5. goldec.
    I'm really glad that a fewllow Estonian thinks the same way about the above site..
    I really hate when people aren't given all of the information but only the part that is more useful to the side that is giving it...
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