Etizolam, is it really dangerous?

By knightsmith · Aug 10, 2012 · ·
  1. knightsmith
    On satuyrday I had taken some etizolam. Spaced out doses through the day, on the night I decided to go out for a drink, as I had thrown away my best friendship. I was angry, upset. My dad said I took the door off its hinges taking out my money I had saved to go over to sweden. I then left the house. I remember this, but not ripping a door off,

    I remember going to a pub, having a pint, nothing unusual there. I then went to the night club. I spoke to a cabbie outside, asking where all the drinkers are these days. After some chat I went into the night club, ordered a pint......thats where my memory ends.

    I woke up in the hospital in A&E. I had stopped breathing, and was in a coma for 8 hours. My money suggests I bought no drugs. There wasn't a test of my urine, so I got punished on my methadone program, I have to pick it up daily now, which I am not too happy with. I was very very ill according to the doctors. I had a nurse, a doctor, and someone else with me throughout the night. I was identified pretty quickly as my phone was with me and someone looked through my numbers and found the one labelled "Dad". Even though i'll probably never know who this mystery person was, I thank god they knew how to use an iphone.

    I don't use illegal drugs, i've used legal highs, and prescribed medications, por boxed pharmaceuticals. Never ever have I used stuff like cocaine, heroin etc.

    So my money is on the etizolam, I wasn't thinking when I went out, but does mixing etizolam with alcahol have this kind of effect?

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  1. Anna Thema
    whatever happened I'm glad youre back here to tell us about it, sounds like a nightmare time Knight...
    stay safe, Anna :vibes:
  2. una_cavaletta
    First off I am so sorry to hear this and hope you are on the mend.

    I think this is very possible. It seems that this drug and the drug it's an analogue of are known for blackouts and even people taking more when blacked out. So sadly it's not an uncommon story. Please take care of yourself, try not to dwell on it and focus on getting well. take care friend! :D
  3. davestate
    Etizolam + methadone + alcohol is an exceptionally dangerous combo. Benzos (etizolam is a thienodiazepine, but I'll refer to it as a benzo for simplicities sake) on their own do not cause dangerous respiratory depression but combinations with other downers that slow breathing, like alcohol and especially opiates like methadone, are frequently implicated in many drug related deaths. This is well documented all over the forum! The memory loss you experienced is a common side effect with benzo overdose, how much did you take?

    You are seriously seriously lucky to be alive, let this be a stern warning to you to thoroughly research all side effects and contraindications of the drugs you are taking, being on methadone downers and alcohol are ones to strictly avoid.

    It doesnt matter that these are legal highs, they can be every bit as dangerous as illegal drugs, so don't treat them like a harmless option, a drug is a drug. My advise? stay away from all drugs, especially alcohol and benzos as they reduce inhibitions and make bad ideas seem like good ones, until your mind is in a better place. Stay safe
  4. knightsmith
    Thanks for your kind words guys. I have a problem though. I need to know what happened. I called the first pub, and I didn't cause any problems. The nightclub this is where the problem lies.

    It was suggested id been carried down the stairs of the nightclub by 2 bouncers. Where are these bouncers when the cops were there or ambulance? I hope to god I have this wrong, but its suggested these 2 bouncers put me on the side of the road, and left me there. That makes me feel like utter garbage, undignified. I asked my dad for advice, and he thinks its opening a can of worms, as he doesnt want his name or home to be associated with the word "druggie" despite the fact I wasnt a recreational user, I was a programmer with massive headaches.

    The questions I need to ask, thats something I am not sure about. Do I tell them who I am, what happened? and hope they say yeah we dumped you at the side of the road to die.

    Do I ask if they remember me, if I caused any trouble as I have no memory. I need advice. As someone else said, it was a very serious condition. Yet here I am, i'm not taking as much apb as I used to, buut here get this:

    I was shot in the arm of a substanve that clears your system of drugs like morphine etc. My substance misuese nurse freaks out, why? because after this cleanout, I could have been FREE from the methadone program. I felt so damn low when I found that out. I fell through yet another crack, and you know what they gave me to leave hospital with?

    A bullshit letter saying I had a history of alcaholintoxification. WTF?? I never go out!!!!! and they said morphone overdose, like wehere did I get such thing? my money accounted for 2 pints, spent, so I didnt buy them. I am now on daily supervised methadone because of these damn doctors. They didnt do the blood test to proove their diagnosis. No lets leave the poor coma patient alone, we'll just say he had a morphine overdose.

    Meanwhile on that specific day I had not taken methadone, I checked, it seems I missed 2 days worth. So I have cider, lager, etizolam left as the suspects. I've never lost a memory in my life, my dad doesnt understand my need to know what happened, I may never know, but I must try, especially if I caused problem, at least I can apologize. I'm as passive as they come.

    The exact thing I can say is, I went into the nightclub. I ordered a pint. I looked at the dance floor thinking, this place is empty. Next second (really it was the next second) I am shouting what happened as im jumping out of a coma in a&e. I put my dad through hell, but guys, is this going to eat away at me until I nknow? is there a way I can get answers without drawing attention? my dads been a hard worker all his life, never had a sick day, always has been there financially, we've had arguments, so I don't want you thinking bad of him. I am just asking for advice.
  5. knightsmith
    I'm lucky I had no etis when I went out, I have 4 garbled text messages I dont remember writing, which means either someone else used the phone, or I was coscious and doing stuff I lost memory of. It scares me. The fact I drank before I went out, shouldnt I have stopped breathing then? or did the cider+lager trigger it? so many questions, yet I keep hearing these same words "dont open a can of worms".
  6. Aminatrix
    Yea etiz are pretty long acting and you took plenty enough to have an adverse reaction with alcohol.

    glad you're ok, take care gotta eat now

    and methadone was definitely still in your system, they gave you naloxone to counter act the methadone and that probably woke you up.
  7. knightsmith
    Wow thats the exact name of what they shot in my arm, they could have told me not to use methadone again as I was free and clear but im happy to be breathing, I have a pain upper chest, I guess thats where they stuck the breathing apparatus.
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