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Eugene mushroom grower gets two-year prison term for drug ring role

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A rural Eugene woman who said she began selling hallucinogenic mushrooms after becoming immersed in the “Deadhead” culture was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison for her role in a $500,000 interstate drug and money-laundering ring.

    Suzan Dione, also known as Susan Dianne Gillett, told U.S. District Court Judge Michael Hogan that she took “full responsibility” for her actions. Dione, 40, had no previous criminal history.

    In an October plea petition, she acknowledged participating with three other local residents in transporting ecstacy and marijuana as well as psilocybin mushrooms for sale in 11 states. She also pleaded guilty to conducting financial transactions designed to conceal the source of the drug proceeds.

    By Karen McCowan
    The Register-Guard
    Published: Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011


    Comment: apparently there will be more on this in tomorrows paper


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