Euthanizing the Mentally Ill

By dyingtomorrow · Feb 20, 2011 · ·
  1. dyingtomorrow
    I've come across articles for certain other countries, and just in general, about providing euthanasia for the mentally ill.

    So basically, if you are so depressed and in so much pain that you sincerely want to kill yourself, Oh they'll kill you - but they won't give you a freaking Vicodin so you don't want to die in the first place?

    I'm sorry but that's just hilarious...

    Now the funniest shit would be if they used morphine to euthanize them. Then right after the plunger went in the morphine would make them feel all happy and not like dying, and their last thought would be "NO WAIT!!!!!!!!!"


    Actually though, I don't know which would be a bigger joke: if they used morphine, resulting in every euthanized person experiencing a horrible final moment of feeling happiness and not wanting to die; OR, if they didn't use morphine, because they didn't want them to "get high" off it, you know, right before they die.

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  1. Descartesx
    This is a very good post because it really does highlight the flaws in certain euthanasia practises. Although the fox thinks euthanasia is a practise of empathy- it does not understand how it could even be considered for the mentally ill!? Here in the Uk euthanasia isn't legal, mainly for the reason that a slippery slope may develop and eventually we'd be giving up on the people that need help the most.
    The fox needs to make sure though- is it morphine that is the lethal agent? Or is it used to remove the pain for the lethal agent, before it is injected?
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    Isn't the very definition of sanity the ability to carry on as a productive member of society (have a job) regardless of issues arising from mental trauma, physical or psychological?
    Just give them the morphine. Want to see monkey hard at work, getting along with everyone and seeming like mr normal? Just give him a little pill of joy in the morning and I feel sure he could carry out the elements of such a definition.
  3. Moving Pictures
    as far as I understand it, to get legal euthanasia, you have to be of sound mind to be able to consent to it. I don't know of any civilized country that euthanizes their mentally ill. So I'm not sure what countries you're talking about. Certainly not any civilized ones. Nazi Germany was the first thing that came to mind and those people certainly didn't consent to being gassed with CO in the back of a truck. And in any country that would kill their mentally ill, they clearly don't care about their feelings enough to give them opiates; they are simply killing them to rid their country of "undeseriables".

    But the point that you're making is valid, I suppose. In the most serious cases of depression, I see no reason why they shouldn't just treat them with opiates when all else fails. Of course they'll keep having to get the dose upped and they'll have to be on it for the rest of their lives but that seems preferable to suicide. They'd have to only give them one dose at a time or maybe a day's dose at a time beause of the risk of intentional overdose but I support the idea still.

    But no, in countries that do euthanasia, you have to be mentally fit to provide consent for it. Depression (or any other mental illness) isn't a valid condition to qualify for it.
  4. dyingtomorrow
  5. C.D.rose
    I would just like to point out that, in Switzerland, assisted suicide for the mentally ill is not legal. Various organizations, such as Dignitas are fighting for a legal framework in which it would be possible, but they are certainly not there yet. I don't know how to interpret the article, or whether it's plain wrong. Maybe the ruling is also meant as an encouragement to Parliament to set up legislation addressing the issue. In any case, a physician aiding in assisted suicide for a mentally ill patient will most likely be facing trouble.
  6. Pain-pal
    R.I.P. to you. I hope you're at peace and have found the happiness you were longing for.

    I know this blog is more than a couple of years old, but I have to say that the part where the person was given morphine and then changed their mind once it was too late made me giggle out loud. :laugh:
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