Evans' big rock 'n' roll crab trip

By Pondlife · Apr 8, 2008 · ·
  1. Pondlife

    One interesting bit is:

    A police source added: “If Chris Evans has admitted taking magic mushrooms after they were made Class A we will have to look into it.”

    Does that mean that they might look into Jacqui Smith's previously admitted cannabis use?

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  1. Joe Duffy
    Was cannabis a class B or class C drug when Jacqui Smith was smoking her brains out?

    And poor Boris Johnson maybe up the creek without a paddle, the evil dope fiend that he is!
  2. lexifer
    Unbelievable that the cops are that worried about "investigating" someones personal one time use of mushrooms. Just seems like a load of crap to swim.
  3. radiometer
    The world was a giant rock n roll crab. TWO FULL DAYS after ingesting the mushrooms.

    Yeah, right, Chris. Not sure who's stupider - him, the cops, or the reporter who wrote this schlock.
  4. TMM
  5. sweetsugar

    ..'Investigating' a celebrity is just a term the police use to keep the public happy about the situation through the media. Of course nothing will actually happen anyway - even if they were to investigate, what the hell do thay have or will use against him in court??! lol

    Celebrities (some of) and their somewhat heavy drug takeing are of the special kind these days - not like how they'd be slated for their drug takeing in the media etc like how they were back in the day - drugs seem to be more socially acceptable now. As there is so much talk recently on celebrities & their drug takeing - and cops not doing anything about it ~ Mr Peter Doherty (of Babyshambles/Libertines), has now been jailed.

    I personally dont think anyone should be jailed over drug use - insted perhaps orderd to stay in a rehab until clean, then after a DDU - where have to give clean p**s/blood samples for such amount of time.

    Damn this celebrity culture!! Damn the media... LOL
  6. radiometer
  7. juanathan
    they say they will 'investigate' because they are under the false impression that the public expects them to do something about it
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