Ever wonder how all this insanity will end?

By RaeF · Mar 10, 2015 · ·
  1. RaeF
    As humanity is rapidly approaching the so-called "singularity", I believe that there's a need for us to understand and prepare for the world that is going to be. Some may have a very grim and dark view of the future, but I think we're about to become citizens of the world where peace and harmony become a standard way of living.

    For nearly 15 years, I've been studying and contributing to the fields of renewable energy, robotics, sociology, and anthropology. Alongside my formal studies and duties, I've also informally explored neuroscience, biology, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, as well as the ancient and modern spiritual sciences (Anthroposophy) including Yi Jing, Kuji-in, Tai Chi, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam.

    Using this collection of powerful set of tools is what I think will make the difference in the upcoming decades. With the help of today's distributed supercomputers powered by the existing nuclear energy infrastructure, we as humanity are already attempting to understand and shape the kind of future I'm talking about -- I've seen it with my own pair of eyes. Robots are not going to kill us, governments are not going to poison us, and aliens will not going to cook us for lunch. I'm 99.9% sure.

    Things have changed. We are used to predicting short-term future using an outdated technique known as "linear extrapolation". Today, that method does not apply to most of us who have at least a little bit of knowledge of advanced mathematics. Even popular culture appears to have recently started to embrace non-linear thinking.

    I believe that we've passed the majority of the bumps and obstacles in our way, and it's going to become a smooth ride very soon. During my journey on this Earth, I've interacted with hundreds of thousands of individuals, and I see that almost everyone is trying very hard to be good. And if we keep it up, I have no doubt that we will turn this world into the most beautiful and most awesome place in the universe.

    We're almost there!

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