Every drug should be legal.

By Scloud90 · Aug 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Scloud90
    I think possibly one must receive the professional opinion of a doctor before obtaining a substance, but it should be up to the individual how they should affect their body, these drugs being mass produced would lower the cost, allowing addicts to function better in society not having to pay ridiculous prices from street dealers.

    Also no one should have the right to tell me what I cant put in my body that is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard, alcohol has ruined my life more than any other drug ive done and that shit is legal.

    Not only these few things I mentioned, but pharmaceutical grade drugs would prevent idiots manufacturing substances that the everyday user is putting in their body causing more harm than if they could just get it from a reputable source. Any argument that this will produce more users, to them I would say anyone who has it in their mind they are going to use are going to use and theyre going to find it, seriously?!? I never knew anyone that did meth and still found it.

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  1. joy rider
    I agree whole heartedly, let those who want to be smacked off their heads every waking moment of the day, let them... Let them have their drug of choice.

    However, as already noted alcohol has the potential to ruin lives but not every ones. For sure I think any drug is open to abuse and yes I am guilty. It is quite possible if all drugs were legal, add up all those whose lives have led to destruction just like alcohol, the numbers of people could be immense.

    Having said that... I think this is already happening and per chance nothing would change but maybe things would be better. There is probably many people who live perfectly good lives and taking all kinds of drugs, just like drinkers of alcohol but there are many who burn, crash and destroy.

    I think it would be better and it would keep a hell of a lot of people out of gaol/jail.
  2. chupamivergaguey
    Nations and societies should ideally work for the betterment of mankind. This would require extensive education efforts. I propose rather than fines and jail time that drug users be sent to an intensive 90 day boot camp where they constantly get high on their DOC and learn how to function well under the influence. Same thing with alcohol crimes. Turn that DWI into a teaching moment. rather than booking drunk drivers into jail, they go to the Drunk Driver's Ed facility where they spend30-60 days getting as wasted as possible, put behind the wheel daily, and given hands-on training in how to drive drunk well. When they can pass a ridiculously difficult driving course with a BAL over .20, they can get a drunk driving license. Sure these ideas may sound radical on the surface, but I assure you they are well thought out and based on reason.:thumbsup:
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