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'Everything is very odd here': Festival bad acid tragedy

  1. Docta
    "MUM, I have taken some very bad acid and everything is very odd here."

    These were some of the last words that 34-year-old Daniel Buccianti, of Epping, Melbourne, spoke to his mother, Adriana, from the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Beaufort, Victoria

    A few hours later, in the early hours of Sunday morning, he was dead.
    A Victoria Police spokeswoman said Mr Buccianti's death was not believed to be suspicious.
    "Drugs took my son," Ms Buccianti said. "He rang here that Saturday night at 6.15pm … and said, 'Mum, I have taken some very bad acid.'
    "I said, 'Daniel don't worry, you need to get yourself to St John hospital really quickly.' "
    Mr Buccianti asked his mother to pick him up but 40 minutes later he called again to say he was fine.
    On Sunday morning, police informed Ms Buccianti of her son's death.
    Rural Ambulance spokeswoman Gabrielle Degenhardt said there was nothing paramedics could do for Mr Buccianti.
    "Around 1.30am, the man was deceased when we arrived," she said.
    A 25-year-old also attending the music festival was taken to the Ballarat Base Hospital in a serious condition on Saturday night, after suffering a cardiac arrest in connection with a drug overdose.
    Ms Buccianti said she held the festival organisers responsible for her son's death.
    "They should be shut down," she said.
    "If the police didn’t find any drugs at the festival then they were not looking hard enough."
    Meanwhile, members of the small but tight-knit Buccianti family gathered at the Epping residence yesterday.
    Candles burnt in front of Mr Buccianti's photo at a makeshift altar in the kitchen.
    Just 10 days ago, the family was celebrating his birthday.
    Ms Buccianti said her son was hard-working, likeable but sometimes cheeky.
    A single mother, she said Daniel had been her strength. "My life has changed forever," she said.
    Rainbow Serpent Festival organisers could not be contacted last night.

    Neelima Choahan
    January 31, 2012


  1. sassyspy
    I think this is just horribly tragic. So young, and his poor mother..my heart goes out to her.

    People who use drugs take a risk every time they do so, and really need to realize this each and every time.

    Consider what it is you are taking, and its dangers.
    Know your dose.
    Know your source! Don't get something that can kill you from someone you do not know.
    Have a plan in place in case something goes wrong.

    I can't say I always followed these myself, but I tried to come pretty close. I never had a bad reaction that required medical attention, but I feel I was lucky.

    This guy wasn't.:(

  2. Liltony420
    Sucks they didn't say what the tox screen came back with. Now the death looks attributed to LSD but I doubt that. Too much stuff being sold as LSD, LSD is the only one there seems to be a rediculously high dose for OD, Halucinogetic amphetamines are way harder on the heart.
  3. SpatialReason
    It is liable he got slipped bromo-dragonfly and dosed himself like a veteran of acid.

    I feel bad for him. That had to be hell before death.
  4. Insomniacsdream
    LSD has no proven human fatalities (a couple of suspicions) but nothing concrete, you never know when you get tabs at festivals. My worst trip I wish I remembered the saying if its bitter spit it out.
  5. Ghetto_Chem
    One practice swims friend has learned to do which seems to have saved him alot of bad trips...

    When he buys a blotter first he will ask as many questions as possible (this is key), including details of the experience, how did the blotter taste, etc. If it seems rather legit he will then buy a few. And then cut off the tiniest piece of one blotter, as tiny as possible. Even with this small piece if its bitter, you will taste it with no question about it. If this little piece tastes bitter you know the whole hits going to be bad. Then you just saved yourself one really bad trip potentially. Thats why swims friend just waits until a batch of legit shit comes around then he buys 20 hits and that will last him years in the freezer.

    This is just sad, it sounds like this could have been prevented had she just gone and got him even if he did say he was doing alright. Swims father would have been calling non-stop all night after that... The reason shes so upset and ready to place blame on the cops, festival-goers, whoever, is because shes guilty as fuck she didn't do more.

  6. SpatialReason
    Black light it and taste it like sampling wine: take a small amount and spit it out.

    The best method is to make sure the man passing it along has sampled his own batch with circumstantial proof. And if it is even possible, witnessing the dosing brings you to a level of absolute security.
  7. Shanty
    What a bummer. So sad. Poor Mum.
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    If this was in fact the result of a bad/mislabeled batch of drugs- does anyone else find it strange that this seems to be the only reported incident- at a 4 day festival with in excess of 10,000 people?

    If it were a bad/mislabeled batch being sold on site- one would expect numerous incidents. And if it had been obtained locally prior to the event one would still expect other issues to have arisen.

    I have to wonder if poly-drug use didn't play a factor, along with factors such as dehydradion, hyperthermia, and/or underlying medical conditions.

    In every case of bad or mislabeled batches at festivals/concerts I've ever attended there were multiple incidents- not one isolated case.

    Anyone have time to dig through the australian press- or live there- and may be able to find more details??
  9. Zuluroar
    Hi. apparently, according to a mate who was a medic there it was a heroin overdose. The was an unusual amount of heroin at RSF this year so I was told. Very dad news. RSF is an excellent festival and I hope it continues for many more years to come. We all need to take responsiblity for our selfs and one and other is situations like thst. May I add, it was really hot for most of the festival, over 30c
  10. Exitlude
    Thanks for the info, Zuluroar.

    I didn't go but I was in NW Victoria during that time, and yeah I would say the scorching heat was a big contributor. It almost hit 40 in the shade at the end of January.

    Even without drugs people drop like flies partying all day in the blistering Aussie sun. Having worked security at similar gigs, it's not always at the hottest part of the day when people are overcome, there's often a rush of people needing to go to the medical tent in the evening when the sun goes down but the heat remains and they've worn themselves down to breaking point dancing and taking recreational drugs all day without adequate breaks and hydration. Perhaps if this poor bloke was identified by his mates as being in trouble and they had taken him to St John or RAV sooner he might have had a fighting chance. It's a tradgedy that should have been avoided. I'll ask around and see if I know anyone who worked the RSF.
  11. InSearchofEuphroria
    Another tragedy.

    The part I can't understand is, was everyone around him oblivious? Did he not have friends around to guage him? Someone should have deposited him to the medics.

    So sad. Rest in peace.
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