Evolution of spirituality and organized religion.

By trdofbeingtrd · Jun 5, 2012 · ·
  1. trdofbeingtrd
    I decided to do a blog on this subject because after bias towards me, it shows that I am not able to speak my mind without words being twisted, ignored, and mocked regardless of what they were. I am not saying that every member who is an atheist did this, but the one's who chose to do this, disappointing me. I am by far no saint, but when someone says that my essence is "ugly" for no other reason than I point out something they are directly showing to ignore or put aside in agenda, it hurts. Considering how much I respected that person.

    I am going to make a list of ideas and views about my personal spiritual philosophy as I don't subscribe to any specific religion other than following as good as I can the teachings of Jesus, which by the way also was taught by other figures in history. These figures share these teachings because they are dedicated to following the creator, but also teaching human truths. Regardless of what I said in the debate thread which is just a mask for venomous hateful bias, there was a continuation of unfair declarations on not just my spiritual views, but then on my character itself.

    -I don't believe in hell, a place where people suffer forever. This is a scare tactic created to not just recruit those who are scared of death into an organized religion, but then to keep those same people dedicated and loyal to those said religious views. IF there were such a place, I would see it reserved for those who did terrible and horrendous acts in the name of the GOD they choose.

    -Regardless of my spiritual views whatever specifically they are, I do not wish nor think that they should give other people ways they should believe or live. What I personally think, what is my personal opinion, is just that, opinion. It is not something that should hold any weight over how people live their lives.

    -Anything that separates humans from each other, excluding those who harm innocents is a plague to our species. Humans create morals from what societies and cultures agree upon. One can argue that if one were to be born and raised in a society of thieves, then it makes logical sense that theft would not be immoral. If one were to be born and raised by a society of assassins, then killing someone would not be immoral to that person. There IS something I feel that every human has because of our above average (in comparison to other animals) intellect and because of the energy we are a part of that gives us that internal understanding of what is moral and what is not. This next part I want to make very very clear. I DO NOT THINK THAT IF ONE DENIES A CREATOR/S THEN THAT ONE HAS NO MORALS. People have morals regardless of their spiritual or religious views and beliefs or there lack of.

    -When it comes to SPIRITUAL personal beliefs, it's not that I reject science, but I believe in an energy that we are all from and that we will all return to. It is the creator as it's the energy that does not end, but instead "recycles" or transforms forever. It is the energy that is aware of itself and guides all of us if we choose to want it. For those who do NOT want it, they are NOT excluded but they are then taking their journey in life into their own hands. For an example to express ONLY this specific idea in this instance as it would not work to compare in other ways, the creator is like a spiritual GPS. When you are making a journey through life, you can choose to accept the creator, and take the guidance in a meditative state. If you do not accept or acknowledge the creator, you guide yourself. It is a personal choice as in my view we will all return to the energy. Your existence after this life, and during this life is not affected negatively due to the choice of acceptance/acknowledgement of the creator. This I can accept is seen as a supernatural belief. While it is seen as supernatural, this DOES NOT mean I do not accept science as our method to discover truth.

    -I am against anything that gives bias against other humans with the exception of those humans who harm innocents as part of their beliefs or views. I see all people except those I mentioned as equals in all ways. This means that homosexuals, women, people of different skin color, people of different cultures, and people who choose not to believe in a creator are equal to me and their way is just and only that to me, a way. I am not superior nor inferior to any of them in any way based on differences. Yes, those who chose to proceed in higher education could be more knowledgeable or something of that affect, I mean specifically I do not see myself as better.

    -Wrong is wrong, and what people in organized religions have done and continue to do is WRONG. There was much evil done in the name of God and it sickens me. This is something I HAVE battled along side with few other theists/deists and atheists alike. As I had said previously, publicly creating an environment to put people of organized religions down does NOTHING. Fighting with people does not change their personal beliefs, only communication of information. This means that when you belittle someone, you are not fighting the good fight, you are just being a dick. If you want to make a difference, sign petitions to have schools teach evolution as a scientific theory that should replace "God did it with magic".......as I have tried to do along with those said comrades. If you want to make a difference, and fight the good fight, protest the bias and bullshit of organized religions slowing down our progression as a species ESPECIALLY when this is done to youth in hopes of recruiting "warriors of God"..........as I have done alongside comrades. If you really want to change this world, go out and create realistic and unbiased political props that are made to keep religion out of politics and schools as I have tried to do alongside FRIENDS that are atheists and also a few theists/deists. Again, typing on a computer and insulting someone does NOTHING. Pointing out the obvious about organized religions committing what I personally consider evil things, does NOTHING. You don't change minds with verbal attacks against the person, you do it by physical and important things that actually eliminates the organized religion itself. If we can keep organized religion out of schools and out of our politics, we are winning the war against evil and the almost halt to our progression as a species. People of organized religion will not change with attack, only when we can reach out to them with scientific fact, compassion, and vigilance to do what is right.

    To be continued....

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  1. Maranatha
    I really like your personal belief system. Thank you for explaining it. We have much in common as to the conclusions we've come to. If you don't already know about it (but I suspect you do), you should really check out the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ. A lot of the ideas presented in this "true" Gospel of the entirety of Jesus' life would resonate really well with a lot of the things you talked about. Here's a link to this Gospel online:


    Here's a link to the Aquarian Christine Church Universal website. You might really enjoy some of their teachings.


    For the record, even though I converted to Catholicism a year ago, I have rather eclectic personal beliefs, and am extremely open-minded when it comes to spirituality. I'm also not in the least judgmental of others, for only God has the right to judge people. And unlike a lot of so-called Christians these days, I don't believe in shoving my beliefs down other people's throats, or trying to convert people. That said, I would love to exchange ideas with you further if you are ever interested.

    Thanks again for writing this blog. :thumbsup:
  2. Heretic.Ape.
    Science still, as its own religion, has a kneejerk reaction against anything that smacks of "spirituality" or theories and data that has to do with all but the outdated Newtonian/quotidian paradigm. This is not the scientific method, it is a belief system that ignores as much as a fundamental christian. One cannot ignore thousands of years of data and models that prove repeatedly to lead to the same results via formulae regardless of how those who don't actually test those formulae for themselves from the religious trying to understand what such scientific methods second hand and relying on theory as reality. The same is true of "scientism" I'll call it. Both make the mistake of relying on faith rather than exploration, data and the fact that models are just that: ways of trying to wrap our heads around this big crazy ass thing we call "reality".
    If you have not applied the formulae and personally studied the data that comes from them, you cannot claim any model to be real. No model is real, only an approximation of current local cultural mythos. Yes even our super science picture of reality will crumble and be revised within each generation. Only the stagnation of the mind through blind faith can cling to one model, pridefully mistaking it for "truth" in lieu of admitting we are constantly using our minds and methods to explore and understand.

    The moment a person thinks they know about reality and cut themselves off from further dialectic with life is the moment they admit they do not want to risk a bruised ego or deflated vision.
    Whatever your beliefs they are beliefs and thus based on faith. Experience and open contemplation can move one beyond the calcification of the mind's elasticicy and ability to ever do anything but quote others like they are prophets.

    That's what comes to mind personally. Thanks for the post.
  3. trdofbeingtrd
    Thank you for the link, I will check it out. Sorry for such a late reply, I honestly didn't think anyone read the blog, and if they did, they didn't reply.

    Sounds great to me.

    Hopefully your still around :)
  4. Joe-(5-HTP)
    Science has nothing against spirituality in principle. Science is open to whatever in fact is true, whether that be spirituality or not.

    It just so happens that when people try and justify spirituality, they usually resort to confusing their feelings for reality. So science has become instinctively wary of such claims. That's the fault of the poor track record of spirituality.

    It would be nice if we could hollow out a little corner of our minds where we could harmlessly entertain ourselves with beliefs that make us feel good. But we can't.

    What matters is whether a belief is true. Not whether it makes you feel good. Feelings are a path to your feelings. Evidence is a path to truth. If you sacrifice truth for your feelings, reality will come crashing down on you at some point unless you are very lucky. That is simply because you live in reality, whether you like it or not. And reality doesn't care about your feelings, or your spirituality.
  5. trdofbeingtrd
    They don't care about you either Joe :p
  6. detoxin momma
    i like what you wrote trdofbeingtrd.
    i really do believe, at the end of the day, all that really matters is how you treat your fellow man, and yourself.
    i personally care more about my feelings than "the truth"

    no 2 people can ever have the exact same beliefs on what is TRUE or not. to each their own, there is no right or wrong.
    all that really matters is how you feel, like you said, as long as you dont feel good by harming other living beings.

    i do believe in God, now. and i do believe Jesus was a real, normal( magic) man.
    and whats cooler than magic;)

    hell even Einstein said the more he studied science the more he believed in God.
    science can't explain everyting. people can try and try and try to justify every little aspect and phenomenon that occurs in this universe, and it will never happen.
    God, thats how it all works:thumbsup:

    all the what, when, why, how, it doesnt matter. all that matters is we love ourselves, and each other.
  7. foremoreaddict
    I would like to share a poem I wrote a few weeks ago on the subject:

    Jesus was a man who liked hanging with his fans
    He was the sharing sort and one who could not be bought
    He and his mates gathered one night under the starlight
    To party and have a toke by the fire smoke
    They dined on some fine wine and broke a loaf, enjoyed the good vibes, just a bunch of down to earth blokes
    They then talked for a bit while they passed around the spliff
    All of a sudden one of disciples, who had been munching on some Christmas trifle,
    Came up with an plan while half cooked, “Hey lets write a book
    We’ll code a hyper script that’ll take a decipher whose also ripped
    To get the message through enemy lines to the likeness of minds”
    Thus a fable was born at that table brainstorm
    The tale would go on to be viral and was known as the bible
    It’s hard to say if an original exists as history sometimes makes a few twists
    But if you have a look around I’m sure the message can still be found

    Unfortunately this is where the story takes a turn for the worse, for Jesus had a problem from birth
    He started at the top of the terrorist watch list to be smashed by the governments iron fist
    For years he was protected and semi-free, by people who rejected the states authority
    But, like Cipher giving information on his mates’ location to the agents in the matrix,
    Jesus was betrayed by a law-abiding citizen he thought he trusted and was subjected to court injustice
    He was sentenced to death at the cross and the nails were hammed in by the cops
    Jesus said “why would you hurt me I’m not worth fearing” a policeman replied “It’s not me it’s the uniform that I’m wearing
    We could be fiends under different circumstance but for now I have to keep my distance
    I wanted to protect and serve but I think there may be something I failed to observe
    My heart is sore inside to see you in pain but as you’ve probably noticed I have invisible chains”
    Jesus said “the pain that I feel is for you I wish there was something more I could do
    Though I will surely die from my wounds at least in life I was free to do as I choose”

    Soon after Jesus’ death a high ranking general of Rome, yea one of Herods and Ceasars own,
    Heart forged from the coldest of stone sat on a gold throne
    He took Jesus’ place by claiming to be of his race
    Through a public relations media scam and some newspaper spam
    He said “call me the Pope and I’m as addictive as crack, I’ll give you new hope ‘cause me and Jesus go way back
    Take a hit from my pipe and try not to let my face give you a fright the wind changed from what I’ve been doing in the night
    Do as I say not as I do and I’m above all but a few. By the way I like playing with kids, don’t you?”
    The people signed on and the rulers kept their kingdoms and powers as innocence and wisdom was continually devoured
    Nevertheless evolution proceeded underground and if you open your ears you can still hear the sound

    Moral of the story and that’s the main bit, Jesus was a free spirit
    Some say he was perfect give or take but he still liked learning from his many mistakes
    He followed his head, his heart and the light till he was dead, in part, but his star shone bright
  8. Beenthere2Hippie
    I don't know why I haven't stumbled into here before, but I am sure glad I did.

    Thank you, trd, for bravely sharing the many interesting points you've raised with your blog. No matter how scientism fights it, there's something spiritually going on, for many people, that there is no denying.

    Have you ever thought that, just maybe, some people really never do get to feel the stirrings of the spiritual world, if ya know what I mean? And that's a shame for them, but takes nothing away from what is astoundingly real for those who do feel it--does it? :D


  9. Booty love
    heaven and hell are the same and matters of opinion.

    I believe the 3 dimensional world is a prison for human consciousness and the prison is only escaped, first with realization of that prison while still alive and then freedom from that prison with death.
    If not, that consciousness just gets erased and absorbed back into the collective..waiting to go back into the holographic prison of 3d.

    I don't believe universal creation beings to be intelligent or compassionate on a human level, most things in the universe that create also destroy....its just on a cosmic scale and doesn't account for terrestrial evolved life.

    i'm a very spiritual person inside and out!

    As far as the 3 abrahamic religions of judea, christianity and islam, they have nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with mass population control with slavery of the mind instead of the body.
    Slavery of the mind, using religion, was the secret to mayan and egyptian culture and infrastructure.
    and actually the egyptian religion was based on solar and planetary worship
    That secret left egypt and went to greece then Rome.
    Once Roman territory got to big to controlled with religion or violence, a new religion had to be created and implemented, one that combined other religions, and gods, under 1 god and 1 set of laws.

    So the romans took the single god of the hebrew people and built there religion on that, using historic facts and bits and pieces of other religions swapped around to create a new and broader control system.

    Islam was created 600 years later in arabia, probably in rebellion to roman law and Christianity, and moved into the persian empire over throwing the Persian hierarchy and religion with the muslim conquest of Iran.

    Christianity was the control system of the rich and powerful Rome and ushered in whats known as the golden age.
    America, which would become the new Rome, was created to usher in the newest age and thats the age of scientific reasoning
    and the control system is scientific fact and information and both can be easily manipulated..just like religion.

    if fact..scientific reasoning laws and religious laws do the same thing.......they control with fear using the problem, reaction, solution method.
    1. create the problem (violence induced)
    2. get the reaction (fear)
    3. offer the only solution (higher taxes and more laws of control)

    in my opinion...the biggest difference in spirituality and religion is...

    Spirituality evolves from the human imagination and intellect gained from personal experience and is unique to each person.

    Religions are preset morals and lifestyles taught from person to person that requires no imagination, intellect or life experiences to take up.

    i will post on this more
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