Evolve or die: You either believe in your potential genius as sure or stop growing

By bhonkers · May 11, 2014 ·
  1. bhonkers

    This started as a message but since there is no sensitive personal information I thought I'd post what came to mind in the moment for a steadily expanding audience as they are either reading to grow or reading to find fault. Those who grow will move forward while those who find fault as all there is will have extra problems added to their "Can't be done!" list of imaginary limitations that only eternity is able to find all the unique and infinite in number possible ways of doing things which means you either are open to finding a way or you gave up like those who doubted themselves out of tapping into vastly more of their potential in this life to reclaim your creative genius that you either believe you have or you don't believe you can think in new ways that the human brain has evolved at finding solutions in altering biology, ways of thinking and our environment to the point of having knowledge and tools to add to our evolution through technology as we naturally evolve in each moment as experience with all life and our surroundings constantly change in a way that we either learn and grow from or become the next extinct species. The thing is believing in your self is easy and most people can find that extra value that comes from simply believing as opposed to not believing. It's your freedom to choose what you believe you can do and any limits are simply solutions waiting to be found.. let's spin that wheel of fortune... enjoy :)

    And not everyone is so concerned about some little starving kid in distant lands that can sometimes be too much effort to even attempt sounding it's name such are the distracting and at times upsetting overuse of K's and W's and the endings such as ..stan.

    That's fine and if a person is happy with life and their deepest fear is missing their 8 o'clock Wednesday night latest in the series TV show then that is that persons freedom to have that kind of reality.

    I simply pass on to those yet to be made aware that the food created to feed the livestock that later becomes food in meat form is enough to more than feed the world with all nutritional values taken into account over and over again. What is also not made so clear by the incompetent and easily bribed media that claims to be free but only to give out information that is desired by the highest bidder and to protect those who monopolize almost the entire wealth of the world in so few hands is that it's not only possible but if we started making the moves in that direction as our highest priority then all our fellow life forms who are mostly born into the circumstances as I'm sure no one would really find choosing to be born in a mud hut village in Ethiopia appealing, and just because we have it so good doesn't mean we deserve it more but simply that we got lucky, that it would be fast and completed before we know it that all are given acceptable standards of living as the every humans right based on what we know and what we can do to change things. Our problems can seem very real and restrictive but not knowing if you'll eat on a constant daily basis is a bit more of a problem than not being able to put a full tank of petrol (US gas) in the tank no matter how anyone tries to say different.

    The inequality of our species that is driven by a system designed to keep things as they are as a way of holding power in the hands of rich nations while suppressing growth and completion from under developed nations. The British invaded nearly every country in the world at some point and applied their class like master slave system of power that ensures a working class is always there as a cheap abundant source of manual low skilled labour which is propped up by the stifling and very limiting in such vast ways that is the public eduction systems that all levels of employment in our current employment environment have people to keep things as they are. The problem is that those who are more aware of the power they possess between their ears that is not so much based on intelligence but more on doing what it takes and believing you'll make it such that a new and very unstable creative style of business is leaving those long established companies who got rusty and didn't keep up with the times such that they aren't able to adapt quick enough or with enough of their own creative ideas such that many are gone and more will follow.

    The new market place is that of ideas and finding new ways to move ahead and keep finding new ways to make the future company security more certain. This can mean not only new ideas but entirely new ways of thinking that others are yet to know exist and can propel those using it into billionaires overnight. Facebook and many other internet based companies such as google are constantly finding ways to go further than those more established companies and also create entirely new fields of employment. I watched a video about the future being one where no one has to work. This was put forward with many ideas and one in particular is how some of the fastest growing and most profitable companies are working with a staff that is less than all fingers and toes. Kodak once led the photography world and employed 150,000 people worldwide. Instagram which sold for massive money has 11 people on their staff. This is coming more common as more work is taken up by computers and will eventually have robots building your prefab housing such as the vision building homes in one day using large scale 3D printer machines. Just some guy ready to solve any faults as he sits bored reading the newspaper or as is more common these days, posting on the net using a tablet or phone or whatever craziness in totally out of leftfield technologies will be created in the not to distant future.

    And this leaves increasing numbers of under educated people with no way of getting income while also having no clue how they could learn new skills to move jobs or create their own companies both traditional and newly created out of nothing more than an inspiration of an idea with enough energy to drive them to make it real. This is the dumbing down eduction system that uses tests to set limits on peoples intelligence such that most tend to fit into a certain band from straight A students down to having no clue what the fuck is going on but they like eating mud. A study using a large scale group of 1600 children used NASA designed testing to find the levels of creative problem solving. The initial testing was between ages 3 to 5. The amazing discovery was that 98% scored genius level that in the adult pollution is very rare which is why becoming an astronaut isn't easy or everyone would be doing it. The group were tested a regular moments as they progressed through the public eduction system and in a seemingly constant decline these geniuses gradually lost their smarts such that by the age 20 only 2% scored genius level. What happened to the others has been debated but there is something clear and that is that their once bright minds had got less intelligent with age. One of the strongest theories is that as the children grew and found that sometimes things didn't work and rather than changing they decided mostly out of awareness that they just didn't have what it takes. The believed these often negatively labelled failures as being more to do with their intelligence and abilities rather than the real reason which is that they were doing it wrong. By changing how the thought their results would change. Eventually they would find that they could do it all along but as is the norm the majority often put the fault as a trait of character in terms of intelligence which stops them from attempting to go beyond these limits and the dumbing down machine is now accepted as out of their hands and just how things are. This is a massive problem such that there will be an increasing non self reliant population with no means of gathering enough cash to pay for the home, car, wife, husband, gay/lesbian partner, and all those sparkly products that seem so enticing on the now out of date flat screen TV that is a mm to thick and has the crazy reckless population taking out credit such as loans and maxing credit card to get the latest technology with little hope of ever finding the means to repay. This fucks the banks which then without a care raid the peoples tax money to feed those who got us into this mess in the first place and with such a limited supply of believers in finding a way using their infinite creative imagination and driven by a passion to get the most potential out of this human life form that there are not enough people working to change this where it's needed most. And that is in the eduction system.

    Einstein and Tesla were more often than not playing games in their imagination which is strange that a system built to educate our children dismisses such day dreaming creative mind experiments as frivolous nonsense as they blindly fight to continue as always by focusing on left brain linear learning and regurgitation of information using memory. At what point did the mind of Einstein seem not worthy of teaching to others? This is where the real revolution of the mind occurs. Spending daily enjoyable fun packed day dreaming adventures for allotted times during the school day directed in a way that solves different kinds of problems over time is where the human species excels since it is our ability to creatively adapt to change that has propelled us into having the power to control the material world beyond simple actions by inventing machines to do tasks that can solve problems of massive complexity often in a moment using computing power that is always getting more powerful in each passing moment, be that in real world terms or new ideas to make things better than before. It was often that a few creative minds imagined these machines and had the slave to the minimum wage suppressed working class to build it for them Ever since the wheel there as been a steady exponential growth in technology that is rapidly moving such that many are unaware of how genetics can create new body parts from skin cells programmed to turn into stem cells that can then be programmed to transform into any cell in the body as required. And it's only going to get more intense as companies attempt to move ahead of competitors hiring the best creative minds they can.

    And this is where the true wealth of over 7 billion minds of effectively limitless creative ideas is up for grabs. Those who go beyond just the creative types and involve even the tea lady by inquiring there own thoughts on how they would solve something, because creativity is not based on intelligence but rather believing you can find a way and those with the strongest and most effective creative ways of thinking are often not spotted until it's too late. When we involve every employee to solve problems with no exceptions or judgements on their ideas but only a belief in them that they feel it in themselves and making it fun and enjoyable. That is where creativity is often found. Some have to lose their home, their woman, gay/lesbian partner, dog and so on before they get into a deep enough depression that they can create some amazing music. It works the other way and this is more apparent through the pleasure induced drugs states that often have actively creative minds thinking is the only way. There are more ways than we could list in a life time and it starts with accepting you can solve everything in your way. As long as their is value in overcoming a block then it's only a matter of time before you do it and build up that creative muscle to grow stronger and more creative to the point of genius that is our birthright and freely available to anyone willing to accept it as such. If you don't believe it then that's like saying you can't and therefore wont bother even putting a joule of energy and the effort required to change or half hearted attempts falling short that become evidence to the limits that are simply imaginary and until you spend your entire life believing you'll succeed then you'll never know since the moment you say you can't is the moment you stop. If you want to grow and evolve in adaptable ways that will increase your genetic code moving forward as all your successful ancestors have done to the point of you making it despite the massive odds making such events almost impossible but yet occurred like winning the super jackpot lotto a million times over and then some. You are a precious exception of still being on this planet and it's now your time to shine if you believe you have that supernova within that everyone has to wear shades.

    But what do I know? I'm just a drug fuelled crazy person to be laughed at or felt sorry for. It's those with a little bit of crazy in themselves who see the value in these ideas and I'm simply passing on what I've divined over time such as a very powerful and tested as such, mind experiment aimed at kids where they pretend to swap their heads with genius characters form the past, present or imagined future that are highly skilled in the task to be worked on such that suddenly they find they can all understand material that public schooling says is too old for them. You can teach kids calculus at five despite what some in the eduction system say is impossible. As long as you believe and can keep adapting and changing your teaching method you'll find a way to tap into what was always there ready and waiting for this very moment right now....

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