Ex-addict calls for ban on Mephedrone, or 'Meow Meow', NOW

By chillinwill · Feb 6, 2010 · Updated Jan 19, 2012 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A PRETTY law student whose life was wrecked by legal drug Mephedrone is begging the government to ban it - before more young people suffer or die.

    Despairing Holly Smith, 20, became emaciated and clumps of her HAIR fell out after she got hooked on the lethal substance known as Meow Meow.

    The drug, a party favourite, recently claimed the life of a British school- girl - and caused one clubber to rip off his scrotum while hallucinating. mod edit: this has been proven false- scaremongering by the tabloid press. ~TF~

    Yet it is easily available on the internet here and cheaper than booze.

    Other countries, including the US, Israel and Sweden have banned it.

    Holly - who thinks she has permanent brain damage caused by the drug - said: "Because it's legal, young people think it won't hurt them. The government needs to quickly criminalise it."

    The South Londoner had never touched drugs until she tried Mephedrone with a pal at a club last June. As it was legal, she thought it was safe. "It tasted disgusting," she said. "But then I had a surge of energy and didn't fall asleep till the next day."

    The biggest attraction was the price. Before, Holly would spend £20 on booze on nights out - but she could get high on a half-gram of Meow Meow for just £5.

    She started taking it every weekend but after a few weeks had to drastically up the dose to get the same effects. Then she became so desperate for an instant kick she started SNORTING it.

    By September she was taking THREE GRAMS every day - inhaling her first line as soon as she woke.

    She said: "When I made it to class I couldn't concentrate and felt paranoid that everybody could hear my heart beating. I would also sweat loads.

    "In my first year, I'd averaged a first, now I was averaging thirds. I'd lost two stone and my hair started falling out. And whereas before I'd been happy- go-lucky, it took all my strength not to burst into tears every day."

    Holly went to her GP after the death of 14-year-old Gabrielle Price, who took Mephedrone at a Brighton house party last November. Thanks to counselling, Holly has been clean for four weeks but said: "Cold turkey was the worst thing I've ever gone through."

    The Home Office said the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs is investigating Mephedrone as a "top priority" - and will report back early next year.


    MEPHEDRONE has only been around for 2 to 3 years but has already become the fourth most abused drug in British clubs.

    It is in the same class of drug as amphetamines, and users feel elated and energetic - rather like speed. It's quite addictive so people want to take more and more.

    But it has severe side-effects like paranoid hallucinations, and makes people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

    It has also been associated with several deaths - the first of which was in Sweden. In the UK it claimed Gabi Price's life - and will no doubt be banned here. But the longer we drag our feet, the more people will suffer.

    By Tom Latchem & Hannah Barr
    February 6, 2010
    News of the World

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  1. dyingtomorrow
    I'm sure she will be a great asset to the UK legal system once she gets her law degree.
  2. [tanarilla.]
    Didn't that lass die of something completely else? She an had internal infection or summit...Anyway concerning all these idiots who think something is safe because it's legal...they should use their common sense. Doesn't matter what it is, once you become addicted to it, it has the potential to fuck your life up, which is the point that most people miss about these things...which is blatantly her blaming the drug for her own fault. It never even crosses some people's minds that some are responsible. So all these fuckwidts are publicized who screw up, as there is only one publicity for drugs and that's negative publicity.
  3. missparkles
    Look, there are idiots in every profession. If we use Harold Shipman as a generalisation for doctors they would all cease to have jobs. But no, he was seen as an exception. Now I know there are some really stupid young people out there, and here is one of them.

    Now I'm waiting for the reports of all the people who have used this product and have had a good time on it...purely cos they used some good sense. Shall I hold my breath? No don't think so. A blue face just wouldn't suit me.:laugh:

  4. EyesOfTheWorld
    Hasn't the bit about the man ripping off his scrote already been proven false? Also, I see "PRETTY" clearly is in the eye of the journalist. And what do her looks have to do with it anyway? If she looked like Jabba the Hutt would the "pretty" part in the headline been replaced with "ugly"?
    Doubt it.
    Anyway, UK mephedrone fans, I would suggest stocking up, it's clearly not going to stay legal for long. SWIMs been noticing it availible for sale in the US now, despite it being supposedly illegal, but the prices are more like 4-5 times what UK SWIMMERS are paying, in other words its priced more like illegal drugs than "plant food"
  5. Synchronium
    EyesOfTheWorld & tanarilla:
    #1 – Gabrielle Price Died From Bronchopneumonia

    Gabi has featured in pretty much every mephedrone-related news story these past few weeks, since she died at a party after consuming mephedrone and ketamine (and probably alcohol as well, although alcohol is so ingrained into our society it wouldn’t occur to anyone to report it). It turns out that Gabi actually died from bronchopneumonia following a group A streptococcal infection. Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing to be cheery about – a teenager still died. I’m just reporting this here because nowhere else will report it, since it’s no longer a story. Actually, if you read about another mephedrone article that mentions this girl, do everyone a favour and leave a link to this blog post in their comments.
    This also doesn’t mean mephedrone is safer than we thought. Being on any drug isn’t a good idea if you also have a potentially fatal illness, never mind a cocktail of drugs in a party environment.

    #2 – No One Ripped Their Balls Off

    This is another piece of bullshit whipped out by the media at every opportunity: apparently, some young gentleman thought he saw centipedes crawling about his person and tore his balls off in (a totally proportionate) response. Turns out, this probably didn’t happen, since the “facts” were obtained from unsubstantiated reports on poor quality forums and chat rooms. Well done, the media!
    (I wrote the above on another site)
  6. anonuser30500
    If the young lady thinks she has brain damage, I'm sure she'll likely be a judge in ten years.
  7. Věnec
    People have brains (not only)to make their actions and to think about them, if one of the actions is to take a drug and harm themselfes, it is their decision. Even a stupid monkey knows that drugs are bad for your health...There is no need that drugs should be banned, it's up to everyone to take them or not. Only impure drugs should be banned btw :)
  8. mickey_bee
    I've got a suspicious feeling that this girl messed up her law degree because she was partying too much......like alot of students do.

    Obviously, she knew mummy and daddy would be furious, so she turned herself from the party-slag(look at the picture of her ffs), into the poor innocent victim of a 'new and evil drug' which she only took because she knew it was legal and therefore safe!
    Honestly mummy!

    I don't know how I can still get enraged by the way the media deliberately stirs-up the vat of stupidity that is the general public..........but I do!!!
    Call that self-incrimination if you're also an idiot!
  9. Coconut

    Coincidence?? You decide.
  10. G_nome
    Silly girl, yeah blame the drug, not yourself.
    Swim would love to have a wee chat with this young lady and educate her.

    Funny how there's thousands of alcoholics out there but no one ever calls for the government to ban that.

    I hate this world at times, too many stupid and nasty people populate it.
  11. danielraoul
    Mephedrone was banned to in Romania this Wednesay due to 5 death caused Special Gold(a Salth Bath that contains mephedrone).All romanian weedshops owners have at disposal 10 days from Wednesday to get rid of all mephedrone and close the shops(because mephedrone was banned along with other 27 substances and 9 ethnobotanical plants.
  12. chillinwill
    More information on this can be found at Romania bans 36 legal highs
  13. John Doe
    Hrm, I was looking for information about this girl and found quite the coincidence.

    Holly Smith, 19, is the twin sister of Nicholas Smith, one of the men who died last weekend after using Mephedrone and Methadone. It's 100% not the same person but what are the chances of that?
  14. John Doe
    Although the pictures do look similar!
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