Ex-cop markets dvd on avoiding pot busts

By Nagognog2 · Dec 22, 2006 · ·
  1. Nagognog2
    Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Ex-cop plans video on how to hide drugs
    December 22, 2006

    TYLER, Texas --A one-time Texas drug agent described by his former boss as perhaps the best narcotics officer in the country plans to market a how-to video on concealing drugs and fooling police.

    Barry Cooper, who has worked for small police departments in East Texas, plans to launch a Web site next week where he will sell his video, "Never Get Busted Again," the Tyler Morning Telegraph reported in its online edition Thursday.

    A promotional video says Cooper will show viewers how to "conceal their stash," "avoid narcotics profiling" and "fool canines every time."

    Cooper, who said he favors the legalization of marijuana, made the video in part because he believes the nation's fight against drugs is a waste of resources. Busting marijuana users fills up prisons with nonviolent offenders, he said.

    "My main motivation in all of this is to teach Americans their civil liberties and what drives me in this is injustice and unfairness in our system," Cooper told the newspaper.

    Cooper said his Web site should be operating by Tuesday.

    As a drug officer, Cooper said, he made more than 800 drug arrests and seized more than 50 vehicles and $500,000 in cash and assets.

    "He was even better than he says he was," said Tom Finley, Cooper's former boss on a West Texas drug task force and now a private investigator in Midland. "He was probably the best narcotics officer in the state and maybe the country during his time with the task force."

    News of the video has angered authorities, including Richard Sanders, an agent with the Tyler Drug Enforcement Agency. Sanders said he plans to investigate whether the video violates any laws.

    "It outrages me personally as I'm sure it does any officer that has sworn an oath to uphold the laws of this state, and nation," Sanders said. "It is clear that his whole deal is to make money and he has found some sort of scheme, but for him to go to the dark side and do this is infuriating."

    Smith County Deputy Constable Mark Waters, a narcotics officer, said the video is insulting to law enforcement officials.

    "This is a slap in the face to all that we do to uphold the laws and keep the public safe," he said.

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  1. darawk
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    I've been hoping to create/see created something like this for a long time. The harder we can make it for them to enforce drug prohibition, the more glaring its flaws will be.
  2. old hippie 56
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    You beat me Nag, swim has met Cooper a couple of times in the past. Hope he does well. Here is the full story:

    By KENNETH DEAN, Staff Writer

    A former East Texas narcotics officer's plans to release a DVD titled "Never Get Busted Again" have generated reaction from around the globe.

    "Is this a bloody hoax?" a reporter for The Times of London asked the Tyler Morning Telegraph Friday morning.
    TylerPaper.com and the Morning Telegraph were the first to break the story of Barry Cooper and the DVD, which he plans to begin selling Tuesday, when his Web site goes live. The copyrighted story appeared in Friday's edition.

    Cooper, hailed by former superiors as possibly the best narcotics officer in the nation during his law enforcement career, said he couldn't believe the response he has received since the story broke.

    "Wow. I can't believe there has been this much reaction," he told the newspaper Friday morning. "I knew what the law enforcement community's knee-jerk reaction would be, but hey, I'm not against them."

    Cooper said he believes marijuana should be legalized, and that the imprisonment of those caught with the drug destroys their families and fills up jails and prisons across the country with non-violent offenders. He said he is using the DVD to teach people how to avoid arrest during a traffic stop.

    Promotional materials the newspaper viewed earlier this week showed Cooper claiming his DVD would teach viewers to fool canines each and every time, and to conceal their "stash."

    Cooper said he wants to be viewers' life coach and instruct them about improper search and seizure techniques and unwarranted searches.

    Since the story was released by the newspaper and distributed by The Associated Press, more than 205 publications - in the U.S. and overseas - have posted the article. Many of those media outlets contacted the newspaper Friday.
    Several readers also expressed their opinions on the story and Cooper's plans at TylerPaper.com, including a few who identified themselves as current or former law enforcement officers.

    Cooper was interviewed Friday afternoon by MSNBC's Tucker Carlson and Fox News' John Gibson.
    Carlson's producer said the host believes Cooper to be a hero, because he is standing up and declaring that the war on drugs is not working.

    During the MSNBC interview, Carlson asked Cooper why he was doing it, then applauded the former lawman for standing up for the First and Fourth Amendments.
    Cooper said he believed the controversial DVD and Web site could be springboard to a much-needed change in the nation's drug policies.

    "I'm excited that finally there is a national platform that may free thousands of people from prison," Cooper said.
    He told the newspaper earlier this week that he is motivated to teach Americans about their civil liberties and driven by the injustice and unfairness in the system.

    Smith County Constable Mark Waters, who works drug interdiction on Interstate 20, said Cooper's actions were a disgrace to law enforcement.

    "This is a slap in the face to all that we do to uphold the laws and keep the public safe," he said Thursday.
    Waters said he was also contacted by Fox News to discuss the issue, and other law enforcement officers told the newspaper they were being interviewed by local TV stations.

    Tyler Morning telegraph
  3. Nature Boy
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Stupid idea! Yeah, tell the cops everything they need to know.
  4. Trebor
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Should I presume Swiy met him when he was on duty?

    And Nate, this is a good thing. They already know this stuff. Just nowpeople will have to be more creative in their hiding.
  5. Donmeka
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    if he was already an officer of the law....wouldnt they know already?
  6. old hippie 56
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    At a "routine traffic stop" type of encounter.
  7. Paracelsus
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    One more point for cops against prohibition. They really start to recognize that this isn't leading to nothing.

    But the idea is a little stupid. Now cops will know exactly what they should expect and where to search. But the guide could include instructions on how to store drugs so it's easy to flush'em down the toilet :D and sealing them properly so dogs can't smell them. There will be some nice info from an "insider".
  8. Nature Boy
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Some of his colleagues might but this sort of video will let every cop know where to search.
  9. mordecai8614
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught


    A video like this will familiarize police just as it does users.

    Common guys, you dont need a COP to tell you how to hide your sh*t, get clever and find your own. .

    The best way to think of some spots is by experience, in SWIMs opinion. When a cop is searching you or your car for "no reason", don't get pissed and upset. Instead, watch what he's doing and where he is (and isn't) searching.

    SWIM work nights, so SWIM see a lot of cops when he is driving home at 3:00 a.m.. SWIM has actually instigated cops to pull him over (ie: touch the white or yellow line). When SWIM and other employees drive together they usually get pulled over and see who can come closer to guessing his procedure. The more experience you have with cops the easier it is to figure them out ;)
  10. snow child
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    It would help the cops just as much as it would help the "dark side".
    But anyone that would buy a video from an ex cop.
    And think that the tips that he would give you would help you come on think about it he used to be a cop.
    Why would a cop want to help any one beside him self and his buddy's.
    Cops have no friends beside other cops.
    He had a job and this is he's way of doing his part "to help the dark side"yeah right! and for another thing why is it call the dark side.
  11. Nagognog2
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    I don't think the issue here is whether this will help cops - or druggies. The issue is this exists and should be recognized for it's existence. Certainly anyone who would buy this as a reference guide of how to hide their stash is a moron. Right up there with the guy who called 911 to report he got robbed for his dope.

    If anything, it would be good to know what was on this film so one knows what NOT to do.
  12. Donmeka
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Quoted For Truth
  13. Beeker
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    To close to home to comment.
  14. Riconoen {UGC}
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Kickass, i'm sure this cop is getting the death penalty tommorrow.
  15. mordecai8614
  16. grandbaby
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    ^V. useful, Mordecai :) How about a description of what that clip might have been?

    I've done a cursory search and can't find cooper's website. Anyone know what it is?
  17. Alfa
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    Since it's a source, I have posted it in the main sources forum. I've just invited Barry over. If he drops in, I'll allow the url in open forum for further discussion.

    I'm pretty sure that there will be some narcs will be very furious because of this DVD.
    Barry Cooper is going to publicly apologize to each person that he has arrested on marijuana grounds and who contacts him. Part of the sales of this DVD go to those people.

    BTW: this is Barry Cooper:
    View attachment 1602
  18. thegoodfight
  19. Woodman
    Re: Ex-Cop Video: Don't Get Caught

    I think the video is a good thing, if just as reference material.
  20. mordecai8614
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