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Ex-North Carolina police chief on trial for selling drugs while still on the force

  1. Rob Cypher
    The former police chief in Fair Bluff, North Carolina is on trial for allegedly selling drugs while leading his department, WECT-TV reported on Tuesday.

    Jury selection concluded on Tuesday for the trial of Marty Lewis, who was indicted in May 2012 and charged with possessing cocaine and attempting to sell both cocaine and prescription painkillers.

    Columbus County District Attorney Jon David said in court that Lewis was attempting to sell drugs in his uniform at the time of his arrest. David is expected to begin presenting his case on Wednesday morning.

    Lewis took over the department in 2006. Three years later, he told WECT that he and his officers “should be held to a higher standard” after one of them was arrested for drug-related charges.

    But prosecutors said that in 2010, Lewis faked a gun robbery inside the department to cover up the fact that evidence from drug seizures was missing. He was fired by local officials shortly after he was charged.

    “Marty had all the ability in the world in my opinion,” Mayor Randy Britt told WWAY-TV after Lewis was terminated. “Just a life ruined, a life ruined.”

    According to WECT, several prospective jurors were dismissed because of prior associations with the suspect, including one woman who was arrested by him for drug-related charges.

    Arturo Garcia
    Raw Story
    September 23, 2014



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