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Ex-soldier plunged broken bottle into pal's eye while on drink and drugs

  1. Rob Cypher
    A delusional heroic ex-soldier was jailed for nine years for stabbing his friend through the eye for wrongly thinking he was a terrorist.

    Mark Davies flipped on his drinking pal Matthew Clarke when the victim turned up at his house with two bottles of wine plus chocolates for his mother.

    The 34-year-old used a broken bottle during the attack, forcing the jagged edge into Mr Clarke’s right eye.

    Davies, who had invited the victim to the house for a drink, in Prenton, Merseyside, screamed at him: “Don’t threaten my mother, terrorist!”

    Liverpool Crown Court heard how Mr Clarke’s eye had to be surgically removed following the assault on June 16.

    Lianne Birkett, prosecuting, told the court how a babbling Davies turned up at his mother’s home in an “agitated” state saying he was perturbed by “the code”.

    He said people were trying to get him adding: “I’m dead mum. If I go home they’ll blow my car up.”

    Davies kicked his friend in the face, breaking his nose, and later said: “You just fell down, didn’t you mate? Is he alive?”

    The former soldier had taken a cocktail of alcohol and drugs at the time of the attack and had served his country with distinction, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

    Trevor Parry-Jones, defending him, said Davies, who admitted wounding with intent, had spent time in the army and later as a private military contractor where in Somalia he saw his friends killed by a bomb.

    He said: “He has experienced events which hopefully none of us will ever experience. Most of us will have no concept of what he has experienced.”

    Mr Parry-Jones said Davies fell into a pattern of drinking and “going on benders” to deal with the post-traumatic stress and if this attack had not happened he probably would have killed himself.

    Judge Clement Goldstone, QC, said: “You have served your country with bravery and distinction yet by your attack on Matthew Clarke you have shown yourself to be a Jekyll and Hyde character capable of calculated indescribable violence.

    “What you did was to pick up a bottle which you deliberately smashed. You forced it into Matthew Clarke’s right eye and struck him repeatedly to the face. You have in short ruined his life.”

    In a statement, the victim said: “I have a vision of the bottle coming towards my eye which I have regularly and keeps me awake for days when it happens. It’s horrible.”

    Luke Traynor
    The Mirror (UK)
    February 20, 2014



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