Ex-Undercover Cop Gets One Year in Jail

By Powder_Reality · Jun 23, 2006 · Updated Jun 24, 2006 · ·
  1. Powder_Reality
    [SIZE=+2]CN ON: Ex-undercover Officer Gets One Year In Jail[/SIZE]
    by Roberta Avery, Special To The Star, (22 Jun 2006) Toronto Star Ontario
    BARRIE - A former undercover police officer who fed information about the location of marijuana fields to two men so they could harvest the crop before police raids was sentenced to 12 months in jail yesterday.

    Justice Joseph Wilson accepted a joint submission of the Crown and defence lawyer Harry Black in the Ontario Court of Justice.

    They gave former OPP Det. Const. Scott Duguid a conditional sentence, meaning he can serve his sentence at home.

    Wilson also sentenced Duguid to 18 months' probation to be served at the end of his conditional sentence.

    Duguid, 35, who pleaded guilty last August to breach of trust, told Wilson prior to sentencing that his life as an undercover officer had led to an addiction to cocaine, marijuana and alcohol that had "clouded my thinking and eroded my values."

    "I had lost it. Under a cloud of drugs and alcohol I began to associate and socialize with the criminals I was targeting," said Duguid, whose telephone conversations with the two men who harvested the marijuana were intercepted by police.

    "I did ask my supervisors for help, but help was not forthcoming."

    Crown prosecutor Stephane Marinier said Duguid was "an integral part of the greed" of the drug trade.

    "He gave the information to the bad guys so that the bad guys could put drugs on the street," said Marinier.

    This case seems to embody such a reefer madness style to it. I'm surprised that the report didn't end with the cop getting admitted to a psychiatric hospital from "marijuana psychosis" or something. :p Just my opinion though.

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  1. Alfa
    So, the cop does not get any jail time at all? WTF. This article sucks.
    I was ready to send him a 'Superbitch' T-shirt, until I read the article.
  2. Powder_Reality
    This article proves just how unfair and biased the legal system can be. The police always state that they are trying to rid the streets of criminals, but if one of their own men is caught breaking the law, they can bend every rule to insure that he doesn't have to face any jail time or punishment. I'm not in favour of drug enforcement laws, but if a regular citizen can be thrown in jail for breaking one law, shouldn't a cop receive the same treatment and sentence if he/she breaks the same law? Just my 2 cents.
  3. Alfa
    The did not only break the law in regards to the crime he was 'punished' for. He did also abuse his power as a cop, which is something he should also be punished for.
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