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Exam party warning after 16-year-old girl's suspected drug death

  1. jon-q
    Five young people have been arrested after Serena Harding, of Warrington, Cheshire, collapsed and died of a heart attack close to a children’s farm late on Sunday night.

    A couple out walking at Reddish Vale Country Park near Stockport, found the teenager gasping for breath under a Victorian viaduct just before 11pm and dialled 999.

    Paramedics were forced to call on the fire brigade to cut open the park gates as to get an ambulance to the teenager who later died in hospital.

    Last night Serena, a former pupil of Culcheth High School near Warrington, was described as a teenager with “everything to look forward to”.

    She is said to have been invited to a party at the park, 20 miles from her home, by a group of older students to celebrate their A-level results. She had completed her GCSEs last year.

    Last night police issued a warning to young people attending exam celebrations as detectives questioned four men aged 20, 19, 19 and 18 as well as a 25-year-old woman on suspicion of drug offences.

    It is understood that they were with Serena at the time and police suspect they had been taking drugs themselves.

    Police are awaiting the result of tests but it is feared that Serena could have died after taking as little as a single tablet of ecstasy.

    Chief Inspector Mark Hussey from Greater Manchester Police said last night: "The full circumstances of the teenager's death have not yet been established, however, we believe she may have taken a controlled substance.”

    He went on: “It's a very tragic incident for the family and this girl was at a time in her life where she had everything to look forward to.

    "We want to get the message across that while it's normal for young people to want to enjoy themselves, indulging in drugs and drinking excess of alcohol is dangerous.

    "It's natural for kids to want to go out during the warmer summer evenings and in the end-of-exam periods and it's not very often that things like this actually happen. There are various strategies in place in the community to engage young people."

    Last night her parents declined to comment.

    John Bingham
    The Telegraph 22nd Aug 2011


  1. Phenoxide
    Sad, sixteen is way too young to go. I wonder whether the ecstasy pill in question will turn out to be another case of PMA or PMMA rather than MDMA?
  2. Cephalopod
    Its sad yeah, but (and this will sound like a dick thing to say) from the size of her, I doubt one E could have taken her down. Not if it was actually MDMA anyway.
  3. spamman
    Not far from Liverpool, pretty likely,wonder how many of them are left in the batch
  4. EscapeDummy
    AFAIK there haven't been many direct-MDMA caused deaths, no? Most of the time it turns out to be PMA/PMMA as mentioned, or perhaps a cocktail causing lethal effects. The 15 year old girl Sasha who died at EDC 2010 in LA had kidney failure, internal bleeding, and was suffering seizures, which sounds like she sadly recieved something much more toxic and vile than MDMA... however I don't think they said anything besides "she took an ecstasy pill"".
  5. jon-q
    [imgr=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=22125&stc=1&d=1314296645[/imgr] ‘Meow Meow’ clue to death of 16-year-old fashion student Serena Harding in Stockport park

    Detectives believe tragic teenager Serena Harding may have died after taking notorious party drug Meow Meow.

    The 16-year-old fashion design student collapsed in Reddish Vale Country Park, Stockport, and died of a suspected heart attack.

    A post mortem examination was inconclusive and more toxicology tests are to be carried out.

    But we understand police think she may have become the latest victim of mephedrone, a Class B drug also known as Meow Meow or MCAT, which was outlawed in April last year after it was linked to a series of deaths.

    Seven people have been arrested on suspicion of committing drugs offences in connection with Serena’s death. By last night, all seven had been bailed.

    Serena, from Rixton, Warrington, was found unconscious close to a railway viaduct at the beauty spot on Sunday night.

    Paramedics tried resuscitate her at the scene but she died later at Stepping Hill hospital.

    Serena’s parents, Diana and Kenneth Harding, paid tribute to their ‘affectionate’ and ‘loyal’ daughter and said they were not aware she had ever taken drugs before.

    They added that, despite being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a condition which attacks the intestines, she had been determined to live life to the full and was saving up for a college trip to New York while also looking for a new job.

    Serena, who had just received her AS level results, was looking forward to celebrating her 17th birthday this Saturday by having a Chinese meal and a sleepover party. In a statement, her family said: "She was very family orientated and a loyal friend. She would do anything for you and we don’t know anyone who would have a bad word to say against her.

    "She will be missed so much. We feel there is a huge hole in our lives that can never be filled and cannot believe that she’s just not there any more."

    More than 200 people have joined a Facebook page set up in Serena’s memory.

    Seven people arrested in connection with the death have been bailed pending further inquiries until November 14.

    Mike Keegan
    Manchester Evening News 24th Aug 2011


    Serena Harding was a young girl that seemingly wanted to live a normal happy life, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease a few years ago and despite this it appears she tried to remain upbeat and make the most of her life.
    On a social network site, she is claimed to have posted "I'm happiest with my mates and dancing at parties."

    Well Serena i truly wish you could have had many more of these happy memories to look forward too, sadly this isn’t to be and in my book that is the real tragedy.

    I also think this story and “other” similar stories that have already attributed a number of recent deaths to “Ecstasy” is another tragedy. As in the previous deaths that occurred across the UK recently many of the national papers ran with this story yesterday, a number of the nationals (Most notably the Sun) have gone with the head line "Ecstasy pill kills" exam party girl, 16.

    These are the types of headlines that Joe public will be reading today and the words Ecstasy and Death will be firmly imprinted in their minds. I walked into work yesterday and was greeted by a fellow worker who mentioned the death of Serena, he stated that Ecstasy had claimed the life of another innocent kid and showed me the article.

    When Serena’s toxicology results are eventually released this story will be old news, as will be the case when the toxicology results are released for the other recent deaths that the media have quickly attributed to “Ecstasy”. I imagine the results will get less media attention than they gave to the actual deaths of these unfortunate people, even if they do get a little media attention, the initial damage will have already been done.

    The results could well prove that MDMA is not to blame for some or even all of these deaths, this will prove to be a somewhat hollow victory towards MDMA as my work college and Joe public per se will undoubtedly only remember the headline “Ecstasy Pill Kills...”

  6. jon-q

    Serena Harding death: Three men charged with drug offences

    Three men have been charged with drug offences following the death of a teenage girl in Stockport last August.

    Serena Harding, from Rixton in Warrington, was found unconscious in Reddish Vale Country Park in Stockport shortly before 23:00 BST on 21 August 2011.
    Paramedics tried to revive her at the scene. She was taken to hospital where she died a short time later.

    The men are due to appear at Stockport Magistrates' Court on 2 February.
    Thomas Donelan, 20, of Julius Street, Levenshulme, has been charged with possession of a Class A drug and supply of a Class A drug.

    Dean Williams, 18, of The Clough, Brinnington, and Michael Millington, 29, of Hopefield Road, Lymm, are both charged with supply of a Class A drug.
    Miss Harding, who had Crohn's disease, was a few days away from her 17th birthday when she died.

    BBC News 24th January 2012

  7. source
    Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    [imgl=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=27453&stc=1&d=1343677943[/imgl]Parents criticise the glorification of drugs after teenage daughter died after taking ecstasy and her supplier is jailed for two years.

    The teenage daughter of a drugs counsellor died after taking ecstasy to impress a boy she had a crush on, a court has heard, as her parents blame peer pressure and “glorifying” drug websites for her loss.

    Serena Harding, 16, suffered a fatal heart attack last August after taking a quarter of a gram of Class A MDMA while at a party with friends.

    Her parents Diana and Kenny Harding have now urged other teenagers to learn from the tragedy, telling them: “Serena wouldn't want another teenager to die like she did and we wouldn't wish the grief we feel to be felt by anyone.”

    In a statement issued after the man who supplied the drug was jailed for two years, they criticised websites which “glorify” the effects of drugs and blame peer pressure for her decision.
    Saying it was too easy for teenagers to get hold of drugs, they said: “You need ID for cigarettes and alcohol. Drug dealers don't ask for ID. They don't care how old you are.

    "It's too easy for teenagers to get hold of drugs. Drugs are everywhere and somebody will always know somebody who will sell you some.

    "Unfortunately there are websites where people talk openly about their drug habits and which drugs they like and don't like and glorify the effects."

    Explaining their daughter rarely drank or went to parties due to suffering Crohn’s disease, Mrs Harding, who provides holistic care for drug addicts, and her husband said: “Serena just wanted to be like everybody else her age.

    “We believe Serena got out of her depth and gave in to peer pressure.
    “Every day we ask ourselves `how can this be?' Serena filled all our hearts; she was so loving and caring and was sometimes wise beyond her almost 17 years.
    "The tears we cry everyday are futile because she will never come home again.”

    Miss Harding, who was studying a fashion and design course in Warrington, Cheshire, took the drug with friends while celebrating her exam results on August 21.

    [imgr=white]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=27454&stc=1&d=1343678629[/imgr]Manchester Crown Court heard she had been encouraged to take it by Michael Millington, 19, who Serena knew well and had a “crush” on. A friend later said she had wanted to impress him.

    She was found collapsed and struggling for breath in Reddish Vale Park in Stockport, Greater Manchester and died in hospital at 10.50pm, shortly before her 17th birthday.

    Police initially arrested four men aged 20, 19, 19 and 18 and a 25-year-old woman over the last summer's tragedy but two of the suspects were released without charge.

    Today, Millington received a 12 month suspended sentence and 300 hours unpaid work for his involvement in the incident.

    Thomas Donelan, 20, [pictured] was sentenced to two years at a young offenders intuition for possession and supply of a Class A drug.

    Dean Williams, 18, who handed over the money to Donelan for the drugs, received a suspended sentence of six months imprisonment and 250 hours unpaid work.

    Sentencing them, Judge Maurice Green called all three “misguided individuals who believed and were part of a culture who believed that taking drugs such as Ecstasy and MDMA is harmless.”

    "This is a tragic case for all concerned, the greatest tragedy clearly is that resulting from the death of a 16 year old girl, Serena Harding,” he said.
    "It's impossible to quite understand the devastation that her family must feel as a result of losing that young girl.

    "You three now clearly understand from what you've read and heard that these drugs are pernicious, they are not harmless.
    "As a result of your involvement a young girl died."

    Detective Sergeant Dave Jordan from Stockport CID called the death a “tragic and needless one”, saying it was a “stark reminder that drugs are dangerous and can kill people”.

    By Hannah Furness, Daily Telegragh
    3:57PM BST 30 Jul 2012

    News article can be found here
  8. source
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents


    Its very sad that Serena Harding died after taking MDMA at a party, and I really feel for her family... but its a bit wrong to point the finger at 'those websites' when 'those websites' are purely here to educate and reduce harm. Maybe if Serena had looked at a few and done some research she might have been more informed about the drug she was about to take and maybe the end result could have been a tad different.

    I'll defend DF and other sites until I'm blue in the face, because I am here today 'because' of this site, like a lot of other people are too.
  9. radiometer
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    Sad story. A quick web search showed that people with Chron's Disease are at higher risk for heart failure. This girl should not have been taking MDMA.
  10. iceflame
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    You're correct radiometer,
    I have had Crohns disease for over 10 years and have taken MDMA & ecstasy many times, with no problems as I always test my drugs, and cease my steroids (or any other meds that may interact with stimulants) 24hrs (occasionally more) before I want to use my beloved MDMA.

    The medications that we are prescribed for treatment such as steroids, and anti-rejection meds (amongst many others) pose a great problem when used in conjunction with certain illicit drugs especially amphetamines (Methamphetamine & MDMA) any drugs that increase heart rate, therefore placing extreme pressure on the heart .
    Definately a deadly interaction here.

    Based on the photo of Serena Harding I bet money on the fact that she would've been taking steroids as these medications cause alot of weight gain, and puffiness around the face.

    I've experienced this myself, and many patients I came in contact with as a nurse and as an inpatient have the same symptoms.

    Healthy 16 yr olds would not have the 'moon face' associated with steroid treatment of Crohns (a vile & painful autoimmune disease)

    Also the low reside diet we are required to follow is high in fat, carbohydrates, protein, high sugar/carbs diet is the only way to combat the painful and chronic loose bowels naturally/or atleast the most non-invasive way. (Although it's usually used in conjunction with a strict medication(s) regime.)

    The complete opposite of a healthy diet as we must avoid certain vegetables/salads also as this contributes to the already chronic diarrhoea.
    This can also lead to excessive weight gain aswell. (Cannot be good for the heart or circulatory system either.)

    I'm not trying to be mean by commenting on her face, just adding my personal experience.

    (sorry if I've gone wayyyy off topic, I just wanted to give a lil' more info on this disease.
  11. hookedonhelping
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    This is a sad story and I feel bad for the parents, but as Source pointed out, these sites aren't here to steer people wrong. If she would have came to this site or others like it, she would have seen that 100-120mg MDMA is plenty for any healthy person to consume, safely.

    When you factor in underlying health conditions and extreme doses.. anything can happen and more often than not, it will lead to sad news.
  12. MrG
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    A very uninformed and ignorant drugs counsellor it would seem. Why would she not have, long ago, researched the effects of a wide range of recreational drugs in people with Crohne's disease and, you know, educated her daughter about the dangers particular to her?

    Ahhh, methinks she might be the 'crystal healing' 'chakra-cleansing' type of counsellor then. That could explain the complete and utter lack of practical knowledge about drugs in general.

    ooh, them websites that talk about drugs, they're the problem! [/sarcasm]
  13. profesor
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    That may be the way its like in Britain, but here in the US there's a whole lot more right-wing ignorant drugs counselors. Its an easy gig- Scream at children- total abstinence at all times because drugs are the tool of the devil, dontcha know? Zero tolerance, you don't have to teach particulars because one should deny even the possibility of experimentation.
    Someone a little older than me told me of a time at his Virginia high school school when a presenter started by saying "I know some of you have already tried shooting up marijuana..." On the other hand, I remember at university, the first time I heard a presentation from a person who actually knew her stuff and knew what she was talking about. It really made an impression.
    I really feel sorry for the parents, but you'd think they'd keep quiet at this time, unless they plan on cashing in on their daughters death for their anti-drug work.
  14. MightyBlaze
    Re: Drugs are everywhere and 'glorified' say grieving parents

    rents need to chill out, maybe smoke a blunt??
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