Exclusive: Fury as heroin addicts get "one hit kits" from Boots

By Rightnow289 · Jun 30, 2009 · Updated Jun 30, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    HEROIN addicts are getting free "one hit kits" packed with syringes, spoons and drug taking equipment from chemists Boots.

    The move has triggered fury from anti-drug campaigners.
    But health chiefs say the packs will ease the spread of hepatitis C in the west of Scotland.
    The One Hit Kits, available at 85 sites in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, contain dozens of needles, "cooking-up" spoons, swabs and citric acid to prepare heroin.
    But Helen Mackenzie, secretary of the Families United Support Group, said it was, "like giving 200 cigarettes to someone who was trying to give up smoking".
    Helen, 59, added: "These kits are a disgrace. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw them.
    "The people who decided to introduce this initiative obviously have no idea what it is like to see their son or daughter dying from heroin addiction.
    "How can they have a health warning on a pack of cigarettes but not on this - full of syringes and drug taking material? These kits have every single thing an addict needs except the heroin.
    "They are making it too easy for these addicts. The pack has the jazzy name 'One Hit Kit' and some of the packaging suggests this is aimed at younger people.
    "This type of thing encourages a new generation of drug addicts. It is capitalising on pain and addiction. I am disgusted that this kind of thing could be available free to people."
    Last night, NHS Greater Glasgow defended the kits, which were introduced in February.
    Carole Hunter, lead pharmacist in the Addictions Partnership, said: "There are more than 50,000 people with hepatitis C across Scotland and 95 per cent became infected through injecting drug use.
    "Needle exchange has been hugely effective in reducing HIV cross-infection and the One Hit Kits are designed to deliver similar reductions in the spread of hepatitis C."
    Paul Bennet, standards director for Boots, added: "This service takes a harm reduction approach to drug use and aims to reduce the transmission of blood-borne viruses."

    By Steven Stewart

    Source - http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/2...s-get-one-hit-kits-from-boots-86908-21472839/

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  1. cannabis-sam
    God this woman makes my blood boil. Just sickening someone can put the well being of human beings to onside just to send out a message. If it saves people's lives whats the problem?
  2. Rightnow289
    I know it is a sickening attitude. What we she rather people shared needles and spread diseases like in the 70s and 80s. Ignorant fucker. wouldn't care but she is part of a group that helps heroin addicts! WTF
  3. yaba
    At swims local pharmacy they sell those kind of packets. The thing is heroine is the hardest thing to get.. Not a lighter, spoon, (cigarette) filter, lemon juice and syringe.

    Even if it was hard to get syringes then people would still do it ! A Australian friend of swim told him in prison they used a pen and found a way to blow it into there veins... Now thats scary !
  4. Rightnow289
    Jesus that sounds horrible
  5. Piglet

    You see this in about 30% of UK pharmacists. It's the free needle exchange sign. Few people live more than a couple of miles from one. Harm reduction is the only way we KNOW saves lives. Other stratergies have all been tried & failed.
  6. kailey_elise
    Actually, it would be more like giving someone trying to quit smoking "200" lighters/books of matches - there's no active ingredient in these kits.

    *sigh* Narrow-minded people.

  7. Tony Williams

    OTC Heroin would be awesome, but SWIM is dreaming right now. *nod nod* (no pun intended)
  8. chibi curmudgeon
    Count me in as a loyal Boots customer for life. Bless their reasonable hearts.
  9. Rightnow289
    Have to say putting one hit kit on it is a bad idea realy. SWIY know what SWIY are getting when SWIY get a pack of needles from an exchange
  10. Jiggles
    SWIM had a laugh that this woman says that FREE kits were "capitalising on pain and addiction". SWIM thought that to capitalize on something generally means to make profit from it?

    The only negative SWIM sees about this is that its called a "One Hit Kit", but a name change is a simple fix. Other than that SWIM is happy to see such things being available and believes they will help save lives, so this Helen Mackenzie woman can shove it:thumbsup:
  11. m&ms
    Your not going to stop people doing it.

    Giving them a kit to help them be more safe makes sense.

    It will reduce cases of transmitted diseases and save lives.

    Helen Mackenzie saying. "The people who decided to introduce this initiative obviously have no idea what it is like to see their son or daughter dying from heroin addiction."

    ... is a bit confusing and contradicting , at best the statement shows her misdirection of anger towards the people who are trying to help, as if she had experianced the loss of a child through herion addiction, her anger and denial is obviously misplaced and is aiming everywhere but the true reasons why her son or daughter took herion in the first place.

    It wasnt the easy access of the equipment which they used to take the drug, it was the drug itself which killed there loved one. So her fight surely should be campaining against the drug itself and her efforts be made to educate and promote the dangers and harm reduction , rather than attacking the initiatives that will ultimatly save others from going through the same pain and she did.
  12. EscapeDummy
    Swim personally believes, that included in every 'one hit kit', should be included a pamphlet about rehab info, or drug addiction support info, or heroin reduction info. Then truly it would be harm reduction.
  13. Rightnow289
    There is something similar in those kits. Its a card about the same size as a credit card with safety information on such as needles and injecting damages veins. Yada Yada
  14. chibi curmudgeon
    I think it's a good idea to give out citric acid, and I'm hoping also sterile water for injection. Trivial as it may seem, lemon juice isn't sterile, and anything that goes under your skin needs to be. There's no point in using a sterile needle and filling it with water from a bathroom faucet.
  15. Rightnow289
    Pacman almost always uses ater out of the tap and it's fine(UK) depending on area though as he imagines soft water is much safer than hard water. (He lives in a soft water area) If SWIY are going to use tap water though use the cold and not warm!!!
  16. malsat
    Woman makes me want to scream. I can understand her pain but people so deprived of reason should not be able to rise to positions of authority.
  17. enquirewithin
    Great news that some in the UK have sense when it comes drugs (despite Gordon Brown's prehistoric views).

    The article is abysmal. The BBC's self proclaimed 'balance' is of course a myth and this is hack journalism they should be ashamed of.
  18. Bonovro
    She makes is sound like people are fucking idiots.
    "huh I wish I could do heroin, but Oh I dont have a needle or a spoon."
    It just doesn't make any sense. I can see she is concerned, but it is a lot easier on the addict. We don't need to make their lives harder.
  19. fbmrider31390
    definitely a lot of smart responses here. i totally agree with you, providing the equipment doesnt make it any easier for them do get the drugs, stupid fucks. i really hate to see how misguided and unreasonable people can get a position of importance like that
  20. ex-junkie
    that stupid woman states that people dont know what its like to see people dying from a heroin addiction...

    for christs sake you stupid bitch, more people get sick from not using clean needles and equipment.

    as for "one hit kit"... not exactly jazzy. people aint be walking around waving their "one hit kits" around in the air. oh look at me and my jazzy "one hit kit"...

    what would she prefer it be called?!?! "the biggest mistake of your life kit- think of your mother- think of the children!!!"

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