'Excuse Me Officer, Someone Stole Our Stash'

  1. runitsthepolice
    Post-Bulletin, Austin MN
    Two Austin men reported to police Sunday that someone broke into their house and stole their marijuana and a smoking device that had "sentimental value."

    Police Chief Paul Philipp said the two men, both 25, reported to police that they had been at a bar Saturday night when their house, at 300 11th Ave. S.W., was burglarized.

    One of the men came home around midnight and noticed part of the front door frame had been broken off and someone had forced their way into the house.

    The man told police that about one-fourth of an ounce of marijuana, $200 in cash, a blue and black glass bubbler and a high-gloss finish dugout were missing.

    Philipp said the man was particularly upset about the dugout because it was well-crafted and had "sentimental value." The man told police he cannot get another dugout like it. Both the bubbler and dugout are smoking devices.

    The officer who took the report noted that there were thousands of dollars of electronics in the house, which had not been stolen. The men told police that they believed the theft was a personal attack.

    Philipp said the two men cannot be charged for possession of drugs because there were no drugs found in the house.


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  1. EyesOfTheWorld
    A friend of SWIMs is a medical mj patient in Cali. She had about half of her yearly allotted crop stolen. She called the police and they actually promised to help! They promised that next year they would do more patrols in her area around harvest time to make sure it doesnt happen again.
    Just a counterpoint to show what can happen when the cops actually do their job and protect and serve the people
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