expelled for drug dealing at school

By mopsie · May 8, 2006 · ·
  1. mopsie
    A FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD pupil has been expelled from Rainworth's Joseph Whitaker School after he was caught dealing drugs on the school campus earlier this year.

    Education chiefs confirmed yesterday that the youth -- who has not been named -- has been thrown out of the Warsop Lane School after a governors' meeting on Monday.

    Chad exclusively revealed in March how the youth had been suspended from lessons amid allegations he had been spotted selling Ecstasy tablets to two 15-year-old girls.

    In a statement issued this week, Nottinghamshire County Council told Chad: "The governors met on Monday and agreed that the pupil who supplied the drugs should have his permanent exclusion upheld.

    "The other pupil involved in supplying through the above pupil was re-admitted to school yesterday and the other two pupils are now back at the school after serving a fixed term exclusion."

    News of the incident sent shockwaves through the school community at the time, with one parent telling Chad he was horrified it could happen at Joseph Whitaker.

    This week he welcomed the move to permanently exclude the pupil, saying: "We all want to keep drugs out of schools and society in general. I see the consequences of drug abuse all the time through my work and expelling the pupil is the correct action to take."

    But speaking shortly after the allegations emerged, Rainworth parish councillors were quick to offer their support to the school and headteacher John Loughton for his good work.

    Said chairman Coun Allen Tift: "I am full of admiration for the way he has turned that school around and this incident does not change that. When you consider the number of pupils that pass through the school this was a very isolated incident."

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  1. radiometer
    Good. It is completely inappropriate, in my opinion, to sell drugs at school, and more so to 15-year olds.
  2. bewilderment
    I wonder how old the kid dealing was...hmmm...I had a friend who was expelled from school for selling ritalin and this was in high school. I also knew of someone who was expelled from middle school (or maybe he was just suspended for a long time, I never saw him around again until high school) for doing the same thing, but he had a prescription. I can't imagine what would happen to someone selling ecstacy although I'm sure it happens all the time...in fact I know that selling of drugs in high school happens all the time.
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