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  1. WashedCNDL
    I've been pondering my planned usage of Ketamine. I'm considering using needles for IM injections of Ketamine. Avoid nasal burn while making entheogenic tasks easier. That and it's conservatory of the material.

    While there's something I find attractive about insufflation, it's not particularly enjoyable for me to do. The notion of a burning sensation throughout my often stuffy sinuses isn't enticing. Especially as sometimes my allergy medications and sprays can cause that all on their own!

    I'm not sure if I'm trying to convince myself to inject or not to. It feels, contentious. I feel afraid to bring up the subject, even with my own therapist. I want to talk about it and ruminate on it with random people and friends. I'm afraid of stigma. Mentioning needles in relation to recreational drugs is never going to earn you good looks, at least not currently.

    There's no need to inject. No necessary demand or something. I could just snort a bunch even if that's unpleasant...until you add people whose bodies you do it off of. Sans that, an IM shot seems much better, for what I typically go for.

    I live in a place where getting clean needles and associated supplies and pure tested products is possible. The relative difference in harm reduction stuff felt a bit, more, with the idea of injecting. The saline, filters, syringes, prep pads, injection sites, gloves and not squealing like a bitch when I prick myself.


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