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Expert proposes cannabis 'licences'

  1. Balzafire
    A licence to smoke cannabis legally has been proposed by one of Britain's leading experts on the drug.

    Professor Roger Pertwee said making cannabis as available as alcohol would prevent drug-related crime, and reduce the chances of people being introduced to harder narcotics.

    But he cautioned that it might be necessary to prevent vulnerable individuals obtaining the drug.

    "You'd need to have a minimum age of 21, and I would suggest you might even have to have a licence," said Prof Pertwee, from the University of Aberdeen, who pioneered early research on the effects of cannabis in the 1960s and 1970s.

    "You have a car licence and a dog licence; why not a cannabis licence?"

    The idea would mean only those not suffering from a serious mental illness or at risk of psychosis would be legally allowed to buy the drug.

    Research has shown an association between smoking cannabis and a greater chance of some individuals developing schizophrenia.

    Prof Pertwee said cannabis appeared to increase the risk of psychosis in people already predisposed to the illness because of their genes or traumatic childhood.

    He called for a greater debate on the recreational use of cannabis, and said in principle he was in favour of legalisation, if the right framework could be found.

    "We need to explore all the various options," said Prof Pertwee, who is speaking at the British Festival of Science at Aston University, Birmingham, this week.

    (UKPA) – 09/13/10


  1. S.J.P.
    A licence, that mentally unstable people aren't allowed to get? Yeah, that'll fly. Tell mentally unstable people that they are no longer allowed to buy alcohol, while the rest of the adult population still can. Do you think that will sound fair to them? This would just add indignation to drug crimes that will continue as usual for that part of the populace, if such a system were introduced.
  2. Simple-Name
    well you wouldn't want a epidemic of schizophrenics popping up all over due to openly available marijuana... (Though swim hasn't seen it in his local town where almost everyone smokes, swim doesn't hear about it in the Netherlands either but he doesn't know much about the way things fly there...)

    He's simply trying to counter-act what scientists and research has shown with marijuana, because the reasons he stated above would be only real reasons marijuana could be outlawed... beyond that what could happen? People gain weight by eating to much or laugh more often? lol...
  3. corvardus
    Oh looky here, how prophetic! :crazy

    Drug License?

    Everyone knows that it won't stop them from obtaining it, of course, but for any "public consumption" one would have to produce the ID from stopping from being arrested or what is more likely is that it would act like a TV licence where the address of the recipient is put on a database and supplied to police.

    Only the truly paranoid would want to skip outside of the licences but seriously some of these people think that there is a New World Order under the direct influence of lizard overlords from Omicron Persei 8 or something completely out there.

    One would assume there would be a 5 yearly medical/psychological checkup for renewal of the licences

    That won't stop them from obtaining it pretty easily from a licensed individual. Thing is that the licencing process from the outset would contain psychological profile to determine risk of schizophrenia. From an epidemiological point of view this would be fascinating and would, once and for all, give true scientific data as to the "harms" of cannabis as used by the general population.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    I have to say- why a license? Is marijuana still so dangerous that a beuracracy needs to decide who is fit to use it?

    Alcohol and tobacco are two of the more dangerous substances out there, and they are simply age restricted. and yet one should need to be granted a license for marijuana, which by its very nature implies a privilege that can be taken away at any point. Not to mention that many, out of years or decades of mistrust of governments, will never submit to such a policy, and likely be criminalized even further for not playing along.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Feels more like a guilty conscience on their part- we *really* shouldn't be arresting and ruining these peoples lives, so lets just get them to submit to more controls...
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