Experts Warn on excessive marijuana use

By guldenat · Jan 22, 2009 · ·
  1. guldenat
    Experts Warn on excessive marijuana use

    Marijuana has been illegal in many countries over the years. One of the outstanding reasons is that it damages the brain.
    However, some have their own understanding as far as cannabis is concerned. Most tend to gainsay the idea that one’s brain may be detrimentally affected after consuming marijuana. One such is Ras Jacob.
    Ras Jacob, 25, has a different opinion as to how most people perceive cannabis effects. According to him, high grade (marijuana) is a spiritual thing and it should be handled with care. He further said cannabis is for the healing of the nation. In other words, it simply chases away corrupt and wicked people.
    ”If you take a puff, you meditate the Bible spiritually and all your ways become upright and righteous”, said Jacob.
    Apart from spiritual reasons, Jacob says that one can simply distinguish cigarette from marijuana.
    For cigarette, it is manufactured and thus many chemicals are added making it harmful to ones health. But for marijuana, it is a different case since it is natural and one can take it as it is without being processed in any way.
    Ït is also good for mothers especially during labour pains and other complications after birth as it helps to ease the pain. Testifies Jacob. He boast that cannabis has medicinal values.
    Dr George Onyango of Lucy Summer Medical Services vehemently disagrees with Ras Jacob´s sentiments, which insinuate medicinal values.
    According to him, marijuana is a harmful drug and shouldn’t be used at any cost. Just like cocaine and heroine, Dr Onyango confesses that has the same effects. ¨It is narcotic drug that ammounts to death¨, says Dr Onyango.
    The reasons why most people especially the youth finds it convenient, is when they have lots of impediments majorly unemployment. By using it, they believe most of their problems have been solved and that they can go ahead with their lives as normal.
    Another stumbling block has been composure. Most youths share the same view that cannabis relaxes ones mind.
    These are the kind of thoughts Dr Onyango rubbishes off saying the drug affects a person’s psychology making it difficult to establish the root cause of a people predicament.
    He further unfold that serious cases like rapes, defilement, paedophilia and other profane thinking are as a result of using cannabis. Most people who use it in excess get off the track thus developing wicked ideologies like theft and committing murder.
    Pundits in the field of medicine concur with Dr Onyango on dagers cannabis might expose one to. It becomes appropriate if one can shun the drug by all necessary means since its effects may regrettable at a later stage.
    Most medical experts both in Government and Non-governmental institutions have been holding seminars, conferences and workshops as a yardstick to curb illegal drugs but the rate of control is still in other parts of the country with notorious being rural areas.
    Worse still, National Agency on Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) efforts to sensitize drug abuse among the youths is nothing to smile about. For them to be successful, there is a daunting task in every corner of the country.
    The Government needs to buck its ideas up so as to wholly address this menace of drug abuse among the youths and that said and done, people will see the need to change.

    Jan 21, 2009

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  1. Coconut
    No. Wrong. Someone please strip this man of his doctorate.
  2. robin_himself
    To these docters even exist? I have met so many researchers in the field and absolutely none share the "weed armaggedon" view. I don't know.... these articles trow me into such a down spiral, when will the truth prevail?
  3. Bajeda
    This article appears to hail from Kenya, despite the name of the outlet (though that is even more improbable as the source). I'm guessing thats where the good doctor hails from as well.

    Dr. Onyango is a GP for all we know, and is certainly far from an expert. Guessing this is meant for a domestic audience with little knowledge about the effects of cannabis, and that the agency mentioned (NACADA) is trying to get its budget raised or something.

    Edit: Even the Kenyan agency's website doesn't have these ridiculous claims, though the below quote from their alcohol page is a bit odd.

  4. ComfortablyNumb
    WOW. People should not be allowed to spread lies like this, specially not doctors, this angers me.
  5. dr. swim
    Ooh look it's another dumb shit who thinks weed is the devil...what else is new...
  6. robin_himself
    Look... It would be more helpfull explaining your opinion. Why is it "dumb shit" and why isn't weed the devil. If you want to inform people and strive for a better understanding of what weed really is calling the opposite side dumb shit will not help.

    I think we should try and explain our points of why weed isn't the devil more often than just calling the opposition names. When new members view this forum they will use this information in the great debate. When they will need to defend weed they will do this with intelligent arguments rather than name calling.
  7. Coconut
    I agree, but I think it's unrealistic to present a comprehensive argument for Cannabis' safety every time a news story like this is posted.
  8. Nargyle
    Any "doctor" who says weed, cocaine and heroin are narcotics needs his license revoked. From these 3 only heroin is a narcotic, cocaine is a stimulant and well, weed could fall into different cathegories.
    No wonder the war on drugs is still so big, with doctors like these...
  9. cannabis-sam
    I think if it's fair to say on the other side there have been plenty of rediculous claims to how harmless cannabis is and it's medical benefits. Now I still think this doctor is spreading lies and bullshit but there have been plenty of vacuous arguments by the pro marijuana side and I am starting to feel like the medical effects of cannabis are over hyped. Theres plenty of things people claim weed cures but there is insufficiant evidence to back them up.

    What really needs to happen is we find a middle ground here and try and establish:
    what are the real dangers caused by cannabis and what are the REAL medical effectts of cannabis. And I'd actually like to start hearing some proper peer reviewed studies put into the papers than these small statistical, absurd claims.

    Just thought I should point out they're not the only ones who are biast and making absurd claims.

    Hope this was relevant and didn't piss anyone off.
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