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By Alfa · May 15, 2004 · ·
  1. Alfa
    <H1>Exploring Consciousness Event</H1>


    An event called Exploring Consciousness will be happening in Bath, England from Thurs 24th - Sat 26th June, 9am - 5.30pm.

    A list of confirmed presenters is given below, their names and backgrounds speak for themselves. Over half will be giving presentations on psychedelics and the rest covering equally stimulating and wide ranging topics. There will be ample time between sessions to connect with presenters and fellow
    attendees. Among other intentions we plan also to make the most of the evenings.

    The very reasonable ticket prices are: Full 3 days £115 if booked before March 31st, £130 thereafter
    Day rate £50

    For further information go to:
    * http://www.exploringconsciousness.org.uk

    For enquiries:
    [email protected]
    Or call Jon on: +44 (0)117 954 2182 or 07812 837005

    Please forward this email on to anyone you think may be
    interested. Many thanks if you do. It could help make the event cover costs and be sustainable for future years.

    List of Presenters:

    Alexander Shulgin Ph.D. Psychedelic Chemist
    Studying Consciousness

    Rick Doblin Ph.D. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic
    Psychedelics and Marijuana Research: Politics and Promise

    Claudia Mueller-Ebeling Ph.D. Shamanism and Tantra in the
    A Woman™s Journey into the Sensual Worlds of Aphrodisiacs

    Christian Raetsch Ph.D. Encylopaedia of Psychoactive Plants
    Psychedelics and Enlightenment? Experiences in

    Dr. Francoise Barbira-Freedman Lecturer in Anthropology, University
    of Cambridge
    What is Consciousness for an Amazonian Shaman?

    Eric Davis TechGnosis, Buddhism and Psychedelics
    Media and Consciousness

    Dr. William Bloom The Endorphin Effect
    Does the Self Dissolve or Does Witnessing Identity Continue?

    Dr. Kelly Morris Clinical Research Fellow in Psychopharmacology,
    University of Bristol
    The Scientific Case Against MDMA “ With What Intent?

    Prof. Max Velmans Professor of Psychology, Goldsmiths College,
    University of London
    Self-Realization and Consciousness

    Julian Vayne Pharmakon: Drugs and the Imagination
    The Magickal Art of Drugs

    Dr. Andrew Letcher Freelance Researcher of Religious Studies
    Mushroom Culture: Knowledge, Power and Psychedelic

    Dr. Philippa Berry Director of Studies in English, Kings College,
    Reimagining Time in Expansions of Consciousness

    Susan Greenwood Lecturer on Altered States of Consciousness,
    University of Sussex
    The Nature of Magic: An Exploration of Consciousness

    Dr. Susan Blackmore The Meme Machine
    Consciousness in a Pointless Cosmos

    Anja Saunders In Search of the Ultimate High: Spiritual Experiences
    through Psychoactives
    Ritual as a Tool to Connect with Spirit through Expanded States of

    Jude Currivan Sensitive, Scientist and Cosmic Geomancer
    Many Voices, One Heart “the Consciousness of Co-creativity

    Charles Jencks Modern Architecture and Cosmogenic Art
    The Garden of Cosmic Speculation and the Universe Project

    Chas Clifton The Pomegranate: The Journal of Pagan Studies
    Reflections on Witches™ Flying Ointment

    Rob Hand Astrologer and Historian at the Catholic University, Virginia
    Neoplatonism and the Idea of Consciousness in Astrology

    Piers Gibbon Presenter of Channel 4 Jungle Trip
    Psychedelics: Religion, Habit or Hobby?

    Stephen Fitzpatrick Social Dreaming Institute
    Social Dreaming: a practice in search of a theory

    Benny Shanon Department of Psychology, Hebrew University,
    The Psychological Study of Ayahuasca and its Philosophical

    Liz Greene Centre for Psychological Astrology
    Neptune™s Cycle and the Changing Faces of Redemption

    Hattie Wells Ibogaine therapist, Anthropologist, Writer
    Ibogaine Therapy: Observations and Reflections

    Amanda Feilding The Beckley Foundation
    How Attitudes to Altered States of Consciousness Shape Society

    David Luke Lecturer in Psychology and Parapsychology
    Psi-chedelics and Science: The Lost Field of Para-

    Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal Where Science & Magic Meet. Visiting
    lecturer, Bihar Yoga Bharati, India
    Yogic Parapsychological Perspectives on Consciousness

    Nicholas Mann Energy Secrets of Glastonbury Tor
    The brain is a receiver of consciousness not a generator of it

    Bernadette Brady The Eagle and the Lark: a Textbook of Predictive
    Complexity Theory: Giving Voice to the Serendipity of Life

    Ann Shulgin PIHKAL and TIHKAL. Former psychedelic therapist
    The Spiral

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  1. Fantasian
    Has there going to be anything like this in the UK again or anything similar to that thereof. SWIM is very interested in this type of thing and wondered whether anyone had any contact information.
  2. bewilderment
    That's awesome. I would love to be a fly on the wall there. I look forward to the days where I have cash for travel and can attend events like these. I'm always hearing about similar conferences lately it seems...one of these days...
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