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Extreme American Zen for the Day

By savingJenniB · Sep 20, 2008 · ·
  1. savingJenniB
    "I tolerate with the utmost latitude the right of others to differ from me in opinion."
    ~ Thomas Jefferson ~ the third USA President ~ 1801.

    Boy, we sure don't make presidents like we used to.:(


  1. sylenth
    seeing those old black & white movies from way back, when when guys were gentlemen & girls were ladies...

    imagine if people could seperate their confidence from their arrogance...

    speaking of presidents, our South African president has just resigned... '''poof''' just like that out of the blue. the vice president is also missing. show's you how corrupt our countries government is. now they do'nt know what to do? it's a circus of a sick twisted system... governments aargh, i'm gonna throw up...
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