Extreme hunger for knowledge driven by methamphetamine

  1. highlikeplanes
    Bam. I pull the needle out of my vein and i know im in for a lengthy ride full of twists and turns and adrenaline pumping loops and twirls.
    As much as a rollercoaster ride indeed it seems, i find it to be more much like a boat, violently cruising a sea dreaded by deadly breeze
    My bed is my boat, my ship. My thirst for knowledge as endless as the very ocean ive set my sails upon
    And the information acquired, the wind and the tidals of waves that, one day, will finally push the ship to the ultimate, yet unknown, destined location......

    Although the ships destiny is that of uncertainty
    Some type of sense of just knowing that, although the ships travel has been one of unorganized rather confusing and conflicting matter overload,
    The purpose it all serves will be no less than phenominal and miraculous

    Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrusted upon them.
    Yes this is true.
    If you feel you were designed to conduct great things that is nothing short of magic
    Follow your heart and your soul no dream is too unrealistic
    No reality is too altered or mystic

    See i used to think i was crazy
    And thats how them and society portrayed me
    Although i knew it was something greater than that
    One by one things started making sense
    I uncovered certain knowledge and truth
    But i couldnt stop there. This feeling was too intense.

    For many, meth is destined to tear apart the very lives and souls of the consumer.
    But this is not the case for all.
    It can drive your very soul to awaken, evolve, and understand what brings you meaningfull wholeness
    And from there we can transition.
    Its a long journey of spiritual growth and transformation.

    I stand now to simply inform others they are not alone
    They are not crazy
    And they must fight any fear or doubt in order to achieve a complete and successful, in this case, boat ride to the anonymous destination

    Others have spoken to me now it is clear i must do the same.

    Yours truly, the aspiring psychonaut

    NOTE : it is unknown whether the use of methamphetime is actually relevent to the actual context
    It may not be relevent for some, or it might be replaced with some other drug.
    The efficacy of meth in particular being relevent is suspected to be in association with the brains original functionality, design and what is perceived to be as 'abnormalities'

    Conclusion drawn from personal experience, extensive research and dare i say, beliefs arised from delirious association of information. (If thats the correct term)
    which history shows to be effective and correct.
    Dont believe me, ask and i will happily provide reputable source.

    Also if this appears to be nothing but mumble jumble disarray of meaningless words and some type of psychosis fueled rant.. KINDLY DISREGUARD THIS ENTIRELY so that others with potential to understand and gain from this post, is available for benefit.

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