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  1. fnord

    Arrests follow tower block raids
    Six men and two women have been arrested by Merseyside Police following a number of drugs raids on properties.

    Thirteen addresses in the Stockbridge Village area were searched by officers, who recovered more than £100,000 worth of Class A and C drugs on Thursday.

    Three closure orders on Tarncliff and Denecliff tower blocks were put in place by the local housing trust.

    Those arrested have been released on police bail pending further inquiries and forensic analysis.

    Sgt Phil McNally said the arrests had come about through concerns of the general public.

    "The arrests were concentrated in two tower blocks where the drug dealers thought they were untouchable," Sgt McNally said.

    "We want to reassure members of the local community that we will take positive action against those people who are involved in the supply of controlled drugs and stamp out the problems caused by those involved in the drug trade."

    whats a tower block?


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