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  1. Greenport
    Facebook chat reveals DJ's drug plans

    r515867_2822617.jpg A 23-year-old Northern Territory disc jockey who discussed buying large quantities of an illegal drug with several people on Facebook will spend 28 days in jail after pleading guilty to possession.

    In 2009, police raided the house of Dylan Karta Punster and found 135 grams of methadrone, which had been sent to him from China.

    They later seized a package addressed to Punster that contained a capsule-filling device and thousands of empty capsules.

    Police also found Facebook messages talking about the quality of the drug, and how to buy more of it if the importation was successful.

    "Is it good?" one of his Facebook friends asks.

    "Yeah, it is," Punster replies.

    "Got to reload every half hour or so.

    "Bit like Charlie.

    "Good shit but cheap as, too."

    Punster initially told police the drugs and the 3000 empty capsules were for his own use.

    Justice Judith Kelly did not accept that and sentenced Punster to 18 months' jail with a non-parole period of 28 days.

    By Melinda James


  1. sterling77
    Looks like the facebook chat wasn't the cause of him getting caught? But just killed his "personal use" argument is all.
  2. xenos
    hmm, heard of mephedrone, heard of methadone, heard of methylone, but never heard of methedrone(but would I really remember at this point?)

    Anyways, there are some questions to be raised here. Title says Facebook chat, but must have meant Facebook messages not the chat feature? Also, how did LEO get the messages? History on his PC? Warrent with permission to crack his account? Warrent to persuade Facebook to give user history? Just asking Facebook? Asking ISP? These questions are important IMO.. another lackadaisical(or?) news report.
    Still interesting though! thx for sharing!
  3. SomeGuyIKnow
    Regardless of whether it was the cause or not, SWIM is going to be a lot more wary of discussing things of that nature in fb chat now.
  4. jstewart0420
    SWIM once made marijuana deals on facebook....years ago thank god. Figured it was stupid so he stopped.
  5. enquirewithin
    Methadrone is a drug but very unusual. It's surprising that it's already illegal in Australia.
  6. chillinwill
    More than likely the news media meant to put Mephedrone and not Methadrone, but there is a Methedrone, which is 4-methoxymethcathinone or bk-PMMA.
  7. enquirewithin
  8. Terrapinzflyer
    yes- all the other stories I have seen on this story this week said mephedrone.
  9. Miss Match
  10. Alfa
    Another example of what can happen with online self incrimination.
  11. KingMe
    swim finds himself feeling strange in this world where the real persona and the online presence are so intimately intertwined as to be able to stand the scrutiny of the law.

    swim's children will probably go tripping online, or teach their second life character to reduce the harm of email abuse or something.

    good call though on self incrimination. Social networking is not a safe place for anything...
  12. Zertein
    That is why i don't use drugs, Jail is bad an a allow my goat to do all the drugs he finds by himself.
  13. squeezix
    People are so stupidly lax about their permanent, typed communications. In the USA it's ridiculous, people and their cellphones and text messaging, just asking for problems and they know nothing of the legal implications. This guy was begging for prosecution.....oh well, social Darwinism.

    Thank you Alfa for setting me straight last year.........
  14. sassyspy
    Not to hijack this or anything, but I am curious.
    How does any official, LE or otherwise, find these entries, out of millions posted every day?
    It also reminds me that not too long ago, I noticed in a particular section on craigslist, that "medical marijuana" was listed for sale.. didn't mention for sale by dispensary or licensed provider.. I wonder how long that will last.?
  15. ianzombie
    I would imagine that in the vast amount of cases where online activity is used as part of a prosecution, the drugs had already been intercepted or a tip off was given before the local law/drug enforcement agency went to the bother of examining the suspects online and computer use.

    While im sure there are plenty of police groups who are set the task of monitoring known online sites that sell illegal drugs for suspicious behaviour that falls within their jurisdiction, i doubt that anyone could have the resources to try and monitor something like Facebook or other similiar social networking sites.
  16. sassyspy
    Thanks for that answer, IZ. I have also done a search (my need to know can be limitless!) and learned there is software apparently that monitors some sites and targets some buzzwords or whatever, for further investigation.
    But yeah, I'm sure once prosecution investigation is involved, no location is too sacred for inspection by LE
  17. hX_
  18. mrsolearyscow
    The UK has a similar site called Gumtree where, if I remember right, people posted stuff like that in the personals section. They've closed the section down now, though. And, out of curiosity, my friend once typed 'how to find weed in (her hometown)' in google; she says that the first result was a busy forum where people posted ads. It seems extremely risky for people to buy and sell using such methods.
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