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Facebook's 'Pot Farm' Game Nears 500,000 Growers

By chillinwill · May 26, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Facebook's game "Farmville" is like a bad case of herpes that rapidly spread across the entire site, causing millions of people to start emitting annoying, pustule-like updates of "So and so bought a cow."

    With 82.4 million active users, FarmVille's an unstoppable force of nature from San Francisco company Zynga, who's making $50 million a month off people buying fake crap for their fake farm. Props to them. Never one to let a bandwagon go un-jumped-on, cannabis aficionados can waste their own time with "Pot Farm", a trending new Facebook game with almost 500,000 players. Monday, "Pot Farm"s spokesperson "Uncle Floyd" answered some questions in a cute little Q/A on SocialTimes.com. Highlights after the jump:

    The game is 21 and older because:

    We don’t want to shock or upset anyone, man. Pot is really pretty mainstream, and a lot of people who don’t smoke it still think it should be legal and they really think it’s funny to grow it in a game.

    Even though there's other farming games on Facebook, "Pot Farm" has an edge:

    "Well, if you look at other games they just don’t have as much personality, man. Sure, you can grow some groovy plants in our game that you can’t grow in other games, but we think what really sets us apart is the cool art and characters. Our game really has a heart, and we take a lot of pride in it, man."

    Isn't it so funny that we live in a society where growing is both a jokey game, and an activity that in reality can ruin your life and destroy the environment. So funny! Someone call Cheech and Chong.

    David Downs
    May 25, 2010
    East Bay Express


  1. coolhandluke
    do you think they made the whole quote up, or just the "mans" and the "groovy"? anyway swims seen this on facebook but so far has avoided the games that people play on there, hed rather be on DF.
  2. corvardus
    SWIM saw this early this week and had a go on it. It is a basic version of FarmVille but with growing cannabis. They have a "Ranger" and you've got to distract him using plants/object that "protect" the cannabis plants. Doesn't matter where you put the distractions just have em there.

    Nothing really to write home about, but a little bit of fun.

    The "man" and "groovy" are all over the site, it would not surprise SWIM one bit if the authors elected to communicate in this fashion.
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