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  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Alec Baldwin to play Rob Ford-like mayor in new show

    1297581863967_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&size=420x Alec Baldwin (WENN)
    BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. - 30 Rock? How about 30 Crack? The problem with any comedic portrayal of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, even a loosely based one, is that the truth is far stranger than fiction, right? How could anyone "make fun" of Rob Ford in a way that would be funnier or more outrageous than the real thing?
    So given all that, Alec Baldwin wants to try it as a drama, or at least perhaps as a “dramedy.”
    Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Baldwin, the former star of 30 Rock, is working on developing a TV show with NBC Productions where he would play a "Rob Ford-like character." Some may argue that at least in terms of public outbursts Baldwin already is a Ford-like character, so it may be a snug fit.
    Baldwin's character, according to the report, would be the mayor of New York, rather than the mayor of Toronto. So at least Torontonians would be spared that indirect indignity.
    The series apparently is being developed as a one-hour cable show. There's a lot of space between drama and comedy to play with, so it will be interesting to see what the exact tone of the piece turns out to be. Maybe it will just be a full-on drama. Wells Tower is writing the pilot, and Baldwin will star in it and be an executive producer, along with Cary Brokaw, according to the report.
    Developing a series and actually getting to air are two different things, of course. Many steps must be taken between conception and completion. But Baldwin does have a lot of name recognition - his own, and, indirectly, Ford's - to get people to take notice of this project.
    Just think of the episode possibilities:
    "Rehab Renegade”
    The mayor of New York (Alec Baldwin) enters rehab, but almost immediately must answer questions as to why a fellow patient (played by Lindsay Lohan) was arrested while driving his car.
    “Oh that Sandro”
    The mayor of New York (Alec Baldwin) seems nervous when asked about his mysterious encounters with his old buddy Sandro (played by Matthew McConaughey).
    “Now I'm Pucked”
    The mayor of New York (Alec Baldwin) attends a Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, gets drunk, berates a visiting couple from Toronto (played by Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara) and then claims he wasn't even at the game.
    “Good Eats”
    Oops! Some ill-advised comments made by the mayor of New York (Alec Baldwin) to reporters about his sex life causes some friction at home with his wife (played with convincing tension by Kim Basinger).
    “Brotherly Love”
    The mayor of New York (Alec Baldwin) is defended aggressively by his brother (played by Stephen Baldwin), but it only seems to make matters much, much worse.

    ~CBC News


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