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Failure to pay 60-cent toll leads to 60lb marijuana bust

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    NORTH AURORA, Ill. —
    Authorities say failing to pay a 60-cent toll led to the arrest of two West Coast men on marijuana trafficking charges.

    The Kane County sheriff's office released information Monday on an arrest made Friday morning in North Aurora. A deputy stopped a car after the driver failed to signal at the off ramp from Interstate 88 and failed to pay a 60-cent toll at the exit.

    Officers discovered 60 pounds of high-quality marijuana in the vehicle's trunk. The men -- 34-year-old Pablo Galeana-Rueda of Aberdeen, Wash., and 40-year-old Jose Hernandez-Calderon -- were charged with three felony drug charges. Authorities estimate the value of the marijuana at $1 million.

    It was not immediately clear if the men have attorneys. They are in custody with bond set at $1 million each.

    Associated Press
    January 17, 2011



  1. shockabargegnar
    worth a million dollars....yeah right.
  2. veritas.socal
    swear to krishna i was goin to start a thread on this subject. their overinflated figures shows the governments continuing deception

    there is no way that the dankest of nugz would net someone a mil for 60 lb...a quarter mill is the max this can be worth in my mind,and thats over $4000/ lb...right, for each and every one.

    do these figures that they use determine their budget?? if so, then they are stealing my taxpayer dollars by lying, and theft should be punnishable.

    grrrrrr, gosh-darn liars. steamin mad i am(i know from personal experience that they use these figures to sway judges and juries..large dollar amts equals large volumes(even if its small volume) equals drug dealing equals gangs....

    not to mention that for 1/3g of lsd, i was charged well over a quarter million in the court, for a fine, then assessed by a certain states revenue dept over a quarter million more( which was two amts...the drug tax, and a fine in an equal amt, for not having drug tax stamps affixed to the substances) of which they hace received like negative 3/4 million, since they kept me locked up so long. wow, these liars are stellar mathematicians :)
  3. TooFastTim
    This brings up TIMS rule number one never break the law when your breaking the law I hear stories all were in the character gets busted or arrested j walking or not wearing his seat belt and ends up being searched or detained for some amount of drugs
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