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Fairbanks man accused of trying to get son to give him Vicodin

By whitenoise · Jan 10, 2010 ·
  1. whitenoise
    FAIRBANKS – A Fairbanks man has been accused of trying to get his teenage son to give him prescription painkillers the teen was going to get for an upcoming surgery.

    Randall L. McCoy, 36, has been charged with second-degree solicitation to commit drugs misconduct, a class B felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

    The 14-year-old’s mother and stepfather told the Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement that they recorded all phone conversations between McCoy and his children because of concern for the children’s safety.

    They contacted ABADE in June after listening to a conversation during which McCoy allegedly asked his son to meet him at a church and bring him Vicodin in exchange for an iPod.

    McCoy used the word “movies” as code for Vicodin when speaking to his son on the phone, court documents allege.

    He reportedly asked his son, “You know what I’m talking about with those movies?” and asked the teen if he was “afraid to get the movies,” according to a criminal complaint filed in court.

    At one point in the conversation, the teen said he was getting “those” after an upcoming surgery, at which point McCoy hung up the phone.

    McCoy called back a few seconds later and asked if the conversation was being recorded. He said he needed “those” because his leg was hurting, according to the complaint.

    An ABADE investigator contacted McCoy on Monday. He initially claimed his son had thought of giving him Vicodin, but then admitted it was his own idea. He reportedly told the investigator he needed the pills for his brother.

    McCoy has previously been convicted of obtaining prescription drugs by misrepresentation, also a felony.

    Published in Fairbanks Miner-Daily Newspaper
    Written by Chris Freiberg

    http://newsminer.com/pages/full_sto...icodin &id=5467329&instance=home_most_popular


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