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Fake Cali doctor duped cancer patient with expired meds, ‘prescribed’ baggie of dirt

  1. Rob Cypher
    Talk about a filthy scam.

    A California quack offering an “alternative” form of cancer treatment prescribed one woman expired meds from Russia and Mexico, along with a bag of dirt, before charging her $2,000 for the fake fix, cops in northern California say.

    Vincent Gammill, 69, ran the phony clinic out of a Richmond office without a license, later telling police “he had no formal education beyond high school, but then ‘remembered’ he had obtained a doctor of science degree sometime in the 1990s.”

    But that didn’t stop Gammill from opening — in 2001, according to his website — The Natural Oncology Institute in Berkeley.

    The victim, a 50-year-old Thousand Oaks mother with late stage breast cancer, first stumbled upon Gammill’s website in 2009 “and planned on seeking treatment from him as a last resort if all traditional medical efforts to cure her cancer had failed,” according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

    "I was very upset that there was somebody who's preying on cancer victims who are desperate to live," the victim, who wished to be identified as Fern, told KABC-TV.

    The woman visited Gammill in June, when he laid out a treatment plan and advised her of a way to alter the dosing of traditional meds she received from her physician.

    He then “demanded payment” of $2,000 for 16 hours of consultation and treatment before he prescribed her with baggies filled with “powders, empty capsules, vials of liquids, commercially produced medications with expired shelf life dates (including medications labels in Russian) and a baggie of dirt,” police said.

    Gammill then showed the victim how to cook up a concoction, which he warned could “burn a hole through the table,” which she did before putting the “medicine” into a capsule and swallowing it.

    “She began to get a burning sensation in her stomach and Gammill told the victim it was good her stomach was burning because that meant the ingredients were still active,” police said.

    Cops busted Gammill July 9, finding during a raid of his business 25,000 prescription pills, including morphine, Ambien, steroids and Mexican and Russian drugs at both offices. Authorities also discovered laboratory equipment and bottles labeled “corrosive” and “poison.”

    The allegedly phony doc is held on charges of practicing medicine without a license, dependent adult abuse and furnishing dangerous drugs without a license. He’s held at the Contra Costa County Jail and is next due in court Aug. 31.

    Sasha Goldstein
    New York Daily News
    July 21, 2015



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: Fake Cali doctor duped cancer patient with expired meds, ‘prescribed’ baggie of d

    This guy tried too hard to play doctor
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