Fake marijuana sickens teens

By chillinwill · Dec 11, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Two high school students were hospitalized this week after smoking a mix of dried herbs that is similar to marijuana.

    The teens smoked K2, a substance that is laced with chemicals and is intended to mimic the effects of marijuana.

    One of the teens also admitted taking Xanax and roxycodone before falling ill. Their medical conditions were not known Thursday, but they are expected to make full recoveries.

    The Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to parents about the effects of K2, which is usually sold over the Internet or at smoke shops.

    The package is labeled “incense” and is marked “not for human consumption,” the Sheriff’s Office says.

    By Anthony Cormier
    December 10, 2009
    Herald Tribune

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  1. BloodyMuffin
    Swim would imagine that they smoked way too much. he's never had any issues with JWH chems which he believes are probably what they had. an overdose of it does cause some frightening effects if you're unprepared.

    Edit: he would be worried about the effects of these chems after hearing something like this except that it happened to both. if it was a rare reaction then the chances of it happening twice at once are pretty low. He supposes the mix could have been using a new unreliable chem though seeing as how he hasn't heard of K2 before.
  2. rawbeer
    SWIM has smoked a decent amount of K2 regular, citron, and whatever the third one below Summit is...he would bet money that the Xanax and oxy are responsible and that both kids took them. K2 is basically fast acting, fast wearing off weed. It is pretty potent - one good bong hit will do the trick, so I guess maybe doing something like splitting a huge blunt could get you too high.

    Notice that absolutely no info is given on their 'condition' - my guess is a drug-panic attack, with no real physical issues. Freaked-out potheads often wind up in the emergency ward because of irresponsible use, and the doctors lay a bunch of BS on them to scare them straight (like doctors doing unnecessary stomach pumps to scare drunks into being more responsible).

    K2s been getting bad press and Kansas politicians want to make it illegal. This smells like political, reefer-madness horse shit to me. These same dingbats just made Jimson Weed illegal...? Why not outlaw cobras, or lightning? If yr going to outlaw Jimson Weed you've got to in turn outlaw a host of popular ornamentals with the same chemicals, like datura and brugmansia. In fact Jimson weed is datura...they've essentially only outlawed one variety of the plant because it is mentioned in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Try to outlaw datura meteloides or innoxia and see how the horticulture industry reacts - it'd be like outlawing roses.
  3. Arkero
    I really believe that if that one kid in KS didn't go and brag to an officer that "this is legal and you can't do anything"(or something to that effect) stories like this would not be popping up. The k2 would have probably been ignored because: two obviously powerful pharmaceuticals were involved and, the k2 would have been too confusing to integrate into understanding with no other news stories being search-able. It's clear to me that some reporter did a search and found a hook for what would have otherwise been a non-story.
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