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By Euthanatos93420 · Jun 12, 2008 · ·
  1. Euthanatos93420
    Apprently it doesnt get you high but still 'relieves anxiety' because it is a cannaboid reuptake inhibitor. LIke prozac to seratonin. Why can't they just leave shit the way God made it. Fucked the hell up if you ask me.


    Marijuana's Distant Relative May Be The Next Prozac; Chemical Reduces Anxiety Using Novel Nerve System In Body

    ScienceDaily (Dec. 2, 2002) — Irvine, Calif. -- Man-made chemicals that are distant relatives of marijuana may eventually become new drugs to combat anxiety and depression, according to a UC Irvine College of Medicine study. The study is the first to show how anxiety is controlled by the body's anandamide system, a network of natural compounds known for their roles in governing pain, mood and other psychological functions.

    While marijuana relieves anxiety by working on the same system, laboratory rats given the new drugs don't seem to suffer the side effects produced by THC, marijuana's active ingredient. The study appears on Nature Medicine's Web site and will be published in the January 2003 issue.

    After designing and testing a number of different chemicals, pharmacology professor Daniele Piomelli and his team found two, called URB532 and URB597, which relieved anxiety and worked in ways far gentler than THC.

    "THC reduces anxiety by binding directly to receptors in the brain and resulting in its familiar 'high' sensation," Piomelli said. "This reaction is too strong, creating marijuana's side effects."

    URB532 and URB597, on the other hand, inhibit the activity of an enzyme that breaks apart natural anandamide, leaving more of the neurotransmitter to help reduce anxiety and depression. This is similar to the way Prozac works on serotonin, another natural anti-depressant neurotransmitter. With this gentler biochemical approach, URB532 and URB597 were able to keep brain anandamide levels high for many hours after a single dose without producing visible side effects.

    "While the study's results are promising, the road from laboratory discovery to available medication is years long, often winding, and definitely expensive," Piomelli said. "In fact, most drugs never make it beyond the discovery stage, for a number of scientific and commercial reasons. But nearly all drugs on the market today saw their start at the laboratory discovery phase."

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  1. stoneinfocus
    I don´ßt understand the rant,I´d like to have a drug, like MJ, without being too stoned and tripped out and could control it over a distinct, more reproducible chemicla composition.

    Swim said, he would stick the Cannabis he knows he tolerates well, but as there´re so many strains, harvests, distributors, he gets different sorts, every time he buys, so he has to chose between trying it and probably tripping & paranoia, adverse reactions, overdosing or leaving it be and having chronic pain, anxiety and depressions.
  2. RaverHippie
    I'd be interested to see the side effects of a human trial if it ever gets that far. Plus if there is medical efficacy to the active ingredients in cannabis, by creating pharmaceuticals emulating the actives, then cannabis will probably have more legitimacy elsewhere. I'd love to see the same thing happen with Salvia Divinorum.

    On a side note please use a non-biased title which is more descriptive of the news article, even the article's own title would have worked well. I had no idea what to expect with title you used.
  3. cosmicruler
    swims friends have tried 2 cannabis analogues in powder form previouslyand they report an enjoyable feeling with no anxiety/paranoia etc and an almost opium like stoned/high feeling.
    in fact 1 of them(a heavy pot smoker) said if it wasnt for the steep price of the analogues they would prob consume instead of marijuana if they had the choice.

    swim thinks these products have definate potential and is very keen to try a few...
  4. stoneinfocus
    at swicosmicruler -yes, the opiate feel cannabis always was the best for swim, with rather no psychedelic effect. In fact, swim finds the opiate feel of cannabis better than that gained from opiates.
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