False ABC article. As are the rest of that particular companies 'news'.

By Bongermann · Dec 22, 2005 · ·
  1. Bongermann
    From: http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/Health/story?id=1419151

    What a dumb bitch. Good riddence to that kid.

    "I guess the gene pool could use a little chlorine."~Dextromethorphan.ws

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  1. sands of time
    Why is this a fake article? Sure, many of the facts are skewed and exaggerated, but that doesn't mean the message is made up. Depending on the group surveyed, drinking cough syrup to get high may be on the rise. I think it is probably true that more kids are drinking cough syrup to get high these days. With the internet available, information spreads like wildfire, and that included all the new ways to get fucked up.

    This particular article is no worse than any other anti drug articles.
  2. Bongermann
    I'm just saying that so much of their information is false it's really hard to even care what they say... And it is no worse than any other anti-drug article, but the fact that it's ABC doing it, and doing it so many times, it just makes me real mad. I still hear people saying how they're "A good news source".
  3. sands of time
    What false information are your speaking of? Please be specific. Yes, this articles purpose is to bash the use of DXM as a high, but don't bash the article because you may like DXM.
  4. Barret VII
    I hate it when news sources talk about drugs like DXM as "just another way to get high." If it wasn't for dumbasses like this abusing drugs without their due respect, drugs might not have had such a bad rep with the public.
  5. Bongermann
    Sands of Time, please read through what they purport as 'fact'. That's my answer, heh. I'm also pissed because they keep publishing articles on how Teens should be sent to gulag schools, meh. I just have an overwhelming 'dislike' for those who wish to propogate lies and falsehoods for their own benefit. Something about it just twists me the wrong way.
  6. sands of time
    Are we reading the same article??? There was no mention of any schools or anything. There is nothing in this article that sounds untrue, except the part about sites offering recipes to mix cough syrups for the best high. I have never seen anything like that, but I have not seen everything. I assume that all this info in the article was aquired from some other source, so if anything is incorrect, it would be the sources fault.

    And again, I don't care for the article either, it's obviously using scare tactics to generate dislike for the drug, and concern for parents. This is what sells though, and these kinds of articles can generate appeal for a journalist. I have read many anti drug articles, and many about DXM. This one is quite mild and the information is more solid, and less skewed. I would believe that 1 in 11 kids have tried to get high off cough syrup, although this article makes it sound like DXM is the new epidemic drug with a high rate of addiction. We obviously know this is not true, but how the hell would CNN know this? I don't think CNN employes frequent drugs-forum as often as us, and I don't think they are to up to date on the latest legal highs.

    One last thing, the intent appears to be more geared towards warning parents about potential dangers of DXM. You really can't say this is the wrong thing for a journalist to do. Parents should be told of the dangers of newer drugs that they may not know of. Parents should be told the signs of use, and they should be encouraged to stop they're kids from using these types of drugs. They can't catch them all the time, but at least they can get in the way sometimes. The result is usually the kid using less drugs.
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