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  1. Guttz
    Brotherly love was put to the test in Hamilton overnight after a man gave false details to police leading them to his brother's house, and the discovery of an indoor cannabis growing operation.

    The man came to the police's attention after it was alleged he had been selling cannabis at a shopping centre.

    When police located him he gave them false details; it wasn’t until later that police realised this and that he was in breach of his bail conditions.

    Officers began searching for the man about 11.30pm at the address in Chartwell he had given them – which turned out to be his brother's.

    They became suspicious when they found a man smoking a cannabis cigarette and another man attempted to flee; both were arrested.

    Upon searching the property, police found four mature cannabis plants and about 150 seedlings used in an indoor cannabis growing operation.

    The man who gave the false details surrendered himself to police a short time later.

    By 3news.co.nz staff
    Mon, 13 Dec 2010 10:48a.m.



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