Family at war after 'tough love' mother shops her drug-dealing son

By Silentscream · Apr 15, 2009 · ·
  1. Silentscream
    Family at war after 'tough love' mother shops her drug-dealing son

    A mother who made the 'heartbreaking' decision to shop her own son to police after he became involved with hard drugs said yesterday she believes she has done the right thing.

    Oliver Perver-Gale, a 22-year-old former public schoolboy, has cut ties with his mother and has refused to see her in prison.

    But Susan Gale, 57, said: 'I'm hoping that the experience of going to prison will be the turning point in his life.'

    Her younger son Jonathan is said to be furious that she has spoken publicly about her agonising decision and that the family has appeared in the newspapers.

    A friend said: 'He was so angry when he woke up to find his family on the front page of a newspaper. He shouted at her, "You have brought shame on the family".'

    Perver-Gale began 'dabbling' with cannabis at the age of 14, when he was a boarder at £25,000-a-year St Bede's in Hailsham, Sussex, said his mother.

    She decided she needed to get the police involved last April after finding a 'wrap' of brown powder on the kitchen table at her home in Lindfield, near Haywards Heath, Sussex.

    Officers later searched her son's car and found Ecstasy, worth almost £10,000 in the boot.

    Mrs Gale said she wanted to urge parents to adopt her own 'tough love' stance.

    And last night her brother, a consultant cardiologist, backed her.

    Dr Charles Ilsley said: 'My sister is awfully brave to do what she did, and I'm not sure I would have done the same in her position, but I honestly believe it was the right thing.

    'As a doctor I have had first-hand experience of the consequences of drug abuse and anyone who deals with them should be prepared to face the consequences.'
    Perver-Gale chose to live with his father when he reached his teens

    Perver-Gale chose to live with his father when he reached his teens

    But another close family member, who did not want to be named, said she believed Oliver would never forgive his mother.

    She added: 'Poor Oliver. He deserves to be in prison, but he doesn't deserve his mother shouting about it to the world.

    'It will be hurting him dreadfully. He may never speak to her again.'

    The relative claimed Mrs Gale was envious of her eldest son's relationship with the boys' father, from whom she had split when the brothers were just four and two.

    Her ex-partner, property developer John Perver, had paid for their sons' private schooling. Perver-Gale chose to live with his father when he reached his teens.

    The relative added: 'Susan is so spiteful. If he was my son I would want to keep it quiet to protect him and help him when he comes out of prison.

    'She just wants to be the centre of attention. It makes me so angry.'

    Perver-Gale pleaded guilty to possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply last month and is now serving an 18-month sentence in the category C Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of Wight.

    He has refused to see his mother, speak to her or answer any of her letters.

    She has been forced to rely on the prison chaplain for updates on how he is coping.

    Mr Perver was last night understood to be visiting his son and was unavailable for comment.

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  1. yaba
    It won't happen in swims family.. It would be unthinkable swims granny brought every week hash to her son (swims dad) when he was in prison and he spent many years there.. also swims mum was aware of some of the things swim was doing and even she wasn't happy with it, she would never ever go to the police !!!
  2. blipblop

    Er, yeah, it'll be a f**king turning point, he'll have a criminal record, diminished employment prospects, lose a year and a half of his life in jail, probably get beaten and raped by guards and prisoners a dozen times, and never be able to trust anyone if his own mother ratted on him.
    Way to help you kid, retard.
  3. cannabis-sam
    So apparently these hard drugs were ecstasy, not exactly "hard drugs" just classed highly, certainly doesn't deserve prison. Parents are meant to support there kids whatever decisions they make, not impose draconian penalties on them for something that wouldn't be a crime, I mean by the ACMD's own admission Alcohol is 3x more dangerous than Ecstasy yet if he'd been working in a bar selling the more dangerous alcohol to addicts, his mother would most likely of been proud of him. It highlights the awful hypocrasy of prohibition.

    I think that guy is right for not talking to his mother, if my mother did that to me I wouldn't talk to her again, ok maybe if I'd raped, murdered or molested children but for drugs? an essentially victemless crime is fucking horrible. However I don't think she's a bad person as such, just obviously a scared, uneducated middle class woman who see's the world through her daily telegraph rather than making decisions based on evidence.

    I feel really sorry for him.
  4. wicca_tripper
    Christ.. if thats what parenting has become these days, id say people need to stop having children. I think its quite sick a mother would do that to their own son, maybe a positive support role might of been better, healthier and safer for everyone.
    The point of parenting is to nurture life, not throw it thoughtlessly and harmfully down the drain. Respect your childrens choices...advise against it and help if possible if you dont agree. Dont throw your kids away for the sake of ignorance!
  5. DopinDan
    That woman is a pathetic bitch, her son should dis-own her for life. That is the most disgusting thing a person can do to another, especially family or friends, is to turn them over to the police-state.

    And the police state grows ever stronger, with the support of fools that refuse to think....
  6. nick23
    Poor guy-lord protect us from those that love us.
  7. Sunshine-Band
    Its all part of the discriminatory witchunt propaganda gaining momentum in the UK - the last throws of a dying regime
  8. SirLancalot
    oh dear and the tragic irony that she think she has done the right thing FOR HIM
  9. enquirewithin
    Who needs enemies with a mother like that? Typical of the sordid Daily Mail to make such a big story out this.
  10. Zentaurus41
    Um, no. For swim it would make him even more determined to do what he does.
    Anyone who wants to make swim give up his drugs better put a bullet between his eyes now.

    Anyway when swim was younger and before then Internet back in early 90s.
    Swims dad wasn't impressed by his sons pot smoking, in fact he changed his will because swims dad believed if you smoke pot you will go on to heroin.
    He quoted all the usual dope fiend lies about it making you steal and stuff.

    Though now, swims parents don't mind, in swims 20s they let him grow mushrooms and al kinds of plants. Though the pot plants had to go because they didn't want to get into trouble.

    I doubt swims paretns would of phoned the police unless it was very obvious that drugs were destroying swims life. But that's Heroin.

    But people are just uneducated and misinformed by the governments lies.
    Its don't think its his mums fault she called the police but the medias and the governments.

    She really needs to google erowid. But even then i bet she will thinks it a pro drug site rather than non biased information.
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