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Family dispute leads to Rutland, Vermont marijuana grow operation bust

  1. Reclaimer

    RUTLAND, Vt. —A family dispute led Rutland police officers to bust a marijuana growing operation, Rutland police said.

    Officers responded to the Brookside Mobile Home Park Sunday evening after receiving a call about a family dispute there.

    Rutland Police said Stephanie Horvath, 24, called the department and said she was having a conflict with Cody Morrill. Police did not elaborate on the type of dispute in information released early Monday morning.

    Two officers responded to the complaint and were able to make contact with Morrill, as well as another man David Artkop, 53.

    Inside the home the officers found marijuana plants and growing equipment, according to investigators. Police said there was a felony amount of plants at the home.

    Morrill was already under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. He was returned to the Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility.

    Police arrested Artkop for marijuana cultivation and possession. Artkop is set to appear in court Monday.



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